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​Popularscience lectureseries to be heldby Civil Engineering Key Laboratoriesin August 2020

The University Research Administration Office
July 31, 2020

The State Key Laboratory of Disaster Prevention in Civil Engineering and the Key Laboratory of Wind Resistance Technology for Bridge Structures in TransportationSector, both from the College of Civil Engineering, Tongji University,will organize the following popular science lecture series in August 2020.

Medium:  Tencent Conference

Conference ID. 76297509874

Lecture 1:  Which is more devastating, typhoon or earthquake?

Speaker:  Professor CAO Shuyang

Time: 09:00-10:00August 11 (Tuesday)

Lecture 2:  On Qufumen Bridge vibration event: control andutilization of

“Vortex Vibration” effect

Speaker:  Professor ZHAO Lin

Time: 09:00-10:30August 18 (Tuesday)

Lecture 3:  To conquer the hard core with softness: seismic

mitigation and isolation techniquesand their application in


Speaker:  Professor GUAN Zhongguo

Time: 09:00-10:00August 25 (Tuesday)