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Recruitment notice for teachers sent abroad by the State for Public Duties and Reserve Candidates of Overseas Confucius Institute of Tongji University in 2020 (updated)

The University News Centre
July 19, 2020

To strengthen the construction and sustainable development of the Confucius Institute,co-sponsored by Tongji University overseas, we are now openly recruiting teachers forthe Confucius Institute of J.F.Oberlin University, Japan,Confucius Institute of the UniversitàdegliStudi di Firenze, Italy, and Confucius Institute of the Universität Hannover, Germany.Selected candidates can enjoy the treatment of teachers sent abroad by the state for public duties. The specific matters are hereby notified as follows:


I. Qualifications of Chinese language teachers


●Candidates shallhave a passion for international Chinese education; abide by applicable laws and regulations; be dedicated to education; be honest and friendly; and be a team player.

●Candidates shall have at least two years teaching experience (only for regular or contract teachers of Tongji University);

● Candidates shall possessat least abachelor’s degree with a professional background in the humanities such as Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (TCSOL), Chinese language, foreign languages, education, or culture.

● Candidates for teaching Chinese shall generally not be older than 55-years old and be in good physical and mental health. Candidates for teaching Russian, French, German, Spanish, Arabic, and other languages shallnot be older than 58-years old.

●Candidates shallhave strong Chinese teaching and cross-cultural communication skills. Candidates with experience in teaching Chinese as a second language and relevant work experience abroad are preferred.

● Candidates shallpossess a certificate of Putonghua Proficiency Level at Level 2-A or above and be fluent in English and/or the language of the host country.

●Candidates shallpossess aTCSOL Certificate or,they shall obtain the certificate before taking up the duties of an officeif they do not have one at the time of their application.

● Candidates shall meet the requirements for the teaching positions abroad.


Click http://kzxyshizi.Hanban.orgfor thejob requirements of 2020teachers sent abroad by the state for public dutiesand Chinese teachers in Confucius Institutes.Chinese language teachers are generally appointed for a period of two to four years.Salaries, allowances, subsidies, holidays, family visits, and other related treatment mattersabroad shall be implemented in accordance with the Provisions on the Administration of Benefits for Teachers Sent Abroad by the State for Public Duties(No. 194 [2011] of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance)and relevant provisions of Tongji University.




II. Recruitment and selection procedures

● Candidates must register online at http://kzxyshizi.Hanban.orgwithin the specified time period.After completing the registration, please download and print the completedApplication Form for Teachers Sent Abroad by the State for Public Duties(see Annex 3), and submit it to the Confucius Institute Office of Tongji University for review.

● Please send the electronic application form via e-mail to:dandong565@tongji.edu.cn

● The Confucius Institute Office will conduct a preliminary selection for the registered teachersin accordance with the requirements of the Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange (CSCSE) of the Ministry of Education(hereinafter referred to as the “Centre”).

● According to the preliminary selection results, the candidates’materialswill be submitted to the “Centre,”to arrange for those candidates to take the centrally-organized selection test.The form of the test is an interview, which examines mainly the candidate’s professional knowledge, teaching skills, cross-cultural ability, foreign language level, and psychological quality.Specific selection test methods and schedules willbe announcedlater.


Deadline for application: July 20,2020




III. Contact information

Contact:  Teacher LIU, Teacher CHENG

Tel: 65981978

Fax: 65989275

E-mail:  dandong565@tongji.edu.cn

Address:  Room206, International School of Tongji University,

67Chifeng Rd., Shanghai


 Source: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/wm63JOIwsg4yWpdY3QdBFQ