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Notice on serviceat ​the University Archivesduring summer vacation 2020

Archives of Tongji University
July 15, 2020

According to the universityregulations, the Archives of Tongji Universitywill provide online certificate services to teachers and students during the summer vacationat the special pandemic time. The arrangements for services are as follows:

I. Translation from Chinese to English

Special note: The deadline for translating graduation (degree) certificates and transcriptsis July 28, 2020.


1. For those who come to the service window:

(1) Please bring your ID card and the original of your certificate.The person entrusted by you must bring a letter of entrustment, the trustee’s ID card, and a copy of your ID card and that of your certificate.

(2) Only cash paymentis available at the service window; and the certificate can only be collected at the window. Delivery service is not available.


2.For those who useself-service through the Archive Service System at http://dawsly.tongji.edu.cn:

(1) The deadline is based on the payment time completed before 16:00 on July 28 through the system for the service you need.

(2) Applications payment of which are completed after the above-mentioned deadline will behandled immediately after the new semester starts on September 4.Other applications submitted after the above-mentioned deadline will be reviewed after the new semester starts.

II. Other Services

1. During the summer vacation, certificate serviceinvolving only Chinese will be provided as usual.Teachers and students can apply for it through the Archive Service Systemat http://dawsly.tongji.edu.cn.

2. The service of checking the personal files of graduates is suspended.For graduates of the Year 2007 and after, please contact the person in charge of archives affairs from your college/school/departmentif you have inquiries about your personnel files.

3. For retired staff members, theservicesof checking your personnel file, check requirement from the notary office, the issuance of kinship certificates, and work inspection check are suspended.

4. Those who need to handle related matters for the deathof a retiredstaff member, please ringthe following phone numberfor consultation. If the person who handles this is someone responsible for such matters from the deceased person’s college/school/department,s/hemust bring an introductory letter from the college/school or officeand the trustee's ID card.


III. Contact Information

1. Address of the service window: Room 107, the Archives of Tongji University, 67 Chifeng Road (the South Campus), Shanghai;

2. Time for service: 08:15-11:15, 13:30-16:30,Monday to Friday;

3. Phone Number: 021-65980365.


Archives of Tongji University

July 13, 2020


Source: https://news.tongji.edu.cn/info/1008/74359.ht