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Maker Universityrecruits students for Cross-Strait Youth Maker Competition 2020

FABO Competition Organizing Committee, FablabShanghai
June 18, 2020

The Cross-Strait Youth Maker Competition 2020 started as scheduled and is calling for contestants. Here you will meetthe best “senior” makers and the most like-minded partners. All students are welcometo sign up for the “Maker University”.

The competition

The 5th Cross-Strait Youth Maker Competition in 2020, jointly organizedby the Office for Taiwan Affairs of the Shanghai Municipal Government, the Shanghai Education Commission and Tongji University, is to be hosted by Fablab O Shanghai with support from the Office for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs of Tongji University andCollege of Design and Innovation of Tongji University as well as from theScience and Technology Commission of Shanghai and the Shanghai Education Center for Science and Artunder the leadership of the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits, and the Office for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs of the Ministry of Education.

TheCompetition is organized in two categories of Adult Group(fromsenior high school studentsto adults agedno more than 45) and Youth Group (from junior high school students to elementary school pupils aged no less than 7). The Competition aims at promoting the cross-disciplinary and multi-dimensional integration betweentraditional handicrafts and digital fabrication, big data and Internet of Things, visual world and virtual space, and biosynthesis and art by addressing suchsustainable development themes as Chinese culture, education, environment, and health and urban future. The competition encourages young people to developtheir creative thinking and enhance their hands-on ability, and to combine innovative design concepts and cutting-edge technology withproducts of social and industrial value. In addition toinheritingthe tradition from previous Maker Competitions, this year’scompetitionwill arrange more practical activities,e.g.workshops, to promote further collaboration in innovation and technologybetween young people of the two sides of the Taiwan Straits, and to build aninnovative environment and ecosystem suitable for long-term cooperation. In this way, the cross-strait cultural exchanges at the youth level will remain stable, which willsafeguardthe communication between Makers’ innovation and business startups.

The theme

Adult Group

The theme for theAdult Group project is open with focus on but not limited to the Chinese culture, education, environment, health, unbar future and other fields related to sustainable development. Contestants are expected to create products ofsocial and industrial valueby integrating innovative design concepts with cutting-edge technology. A physicalpresentation of theend productinvolving both hardware and software is expected eventually.

Youth Group

The Youth Group takes "unban future" as the prototype for their project.Contestantsare encouraged to observe and analyzethe characteristics, needs and problems of a city through field research (for identification of problems), to visualize innovation and vitality in the city throughteamwork (for exploringsolutions), to put forward innovative solutions, and to present the project results through a simple prototype (for solvingthe problem). Each team is expected to present their endproduct through visualized prototypebased on their problem to be solved in the project by using tools and materials.


April-July:  Registration

June-July:  Grouping of contestants for first-round competitions based in

Shanghai, Beijing, Kunshan (Jiangsu province) from China’s

Mainland, and Taipei, Taichung, Hualien from China’s Taiwan

July-August:  Training of contestants

August21-24:  The Finalin Shanghai

Location: College of Design and Innovation (D&I), Tongji

University, 281 Fuxin Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai 

Notesfor Participation

This competition is open to allChinese citizens. Contestantsforthe Adult Group should be at least asenior high school student, and those for the Youth Group should be from Grade 1 of an elementary schoolto Grade 3 of a high school. Contestantsor their guardians are liableto understand the legal rights of contestants for their participating in the event. 

For groupregistration

Scan the QR code below

Fill in the registration form and choose the city you are from. We will put you into a team near your city.

Notesfor Registration

Upload your team’s project proposal (PDF and Word) along witha video to Baidu Cloud, and writethe Baidu Cloud share link and its extraction codein the registration form

Video Requirements: Your video is expected to show the originality of your project design, innovative application of technology, feasibility of your project and its commercial prospects. The video should be within 5 minutes and no more than 100M.

Copy the link below or scan the QR code to obtaina project briefing.


Extraction code: wc8a


During the time of competition, the organizerwill provide all selected contestants with free lodgings and foodas well as hardware materials, conventional tools and equipment required forthe competition. Contestants are expected to bear the cost of their travelling expenses.Pleaseremember to bring your ID card and student ID card when you sign in for the competition.



First prize Cash + Certificate + Trophy

Second prize Cash+ Certificate + Trophy

Third prize Cash+ Certificate + Trophy

Enterprise Prize Certificate + Gifts

Innovation Prize Certificate


If you have any more inquiries about joining the competition or becoming a volunteer, please add the WeChat of a FABO assistant.Please leave your name + university/company + volunteer/contestant/business partner when adding the WeChat.

This summer in Shanghai, Maker University will embrace all of you with enthusiasm. We look forward to meeting you soon!

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