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“You choose the book, and I will pay for it”-- the University Online Book Fair 2020 of Imported Books

Tongji University Library
June 10, 2020

Our heart-warming service will not end while we are working together to combat the pandemic. In order to better serve teachers and students for their teaching and research during the pandemic time, the University Library and Beijing Zhongke Import & Export Company have jointly organized an online book fair for readers to recommend imported books for the library to purchase during the 16th reader service month in June, 2020. The activity aims at creating an atmosphere of reading online while meeting the readers' need of imported books.

Over 3,000 newly imported books are on display in the online book fair, covering architecture, computer, economics and management, environmental science, life science, linguistics, literature, mathematics, medicine, philosophy, physics, political science, and transportation. Teachers and students are welcome to visit the book fair and recommend books for the library to purchase following their review. Notice will be sent to readers upon arrival of new books.

If you cannot find the book you need from the book fair, please click the following link and fill in the form for book recommendation, and we will pay them for you.

Time of Activity: June 8- 20, 2020

How to recommend books online:

(1) Please click "You choose the book, and I will pay for it" which will lead you to the homepage of the University Library;

(2) Click "Start Book Selection" on the homepage where you can either browse by category or search by typing key words on the search bar;

(3) Click "Recommend" when you find the book you need.

Reminder: If you have not registered with us, please register first before logging in.

For more information, please contact Mr. Wu at 021-65980405 (o).

Source: https://news.tongji.edu.cn/info/1008/73978.htm