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[Notice]Q&A on online semester

International Students office
March 23, 2020

About visa, passport and residence permit

Q: When should we apply for the visa?
A: Please wait for further notice if you have not applied for visa.
Q: My admission letter indicates that the registration date is 13 to 14 February, 2020, but after getting the admission letter, I got the notification to wait for the notification from the university. So how can I apply for visa?
A: Please wait for further notice.
Q: Can I change my passport here in my country, and enter china with a new visa?
A: Please refer to local government about changing your passport. Tongji will make another notice on problems about visa.
Q: My residence permit expires on March 31, 2020 and I am outside China right now. Which kind of Visa should I apply for?
A: A solution will be put forward about residence permit expiration. Please wait for further notice.
Q: I changed my passport and my visa is at the old passport. What should I do?
A: For this problem, you shall go to Shanghai Exit-Entry Administration Bureau with your old and new passport, the introduction letter from our office after the school opens.
Q: I have entered with S1 visa and got residence permit then I have got a scholarship which will start this spring semester. Should I get X1 visa?
(I have register in the School of Civil Engineering for this spring semester.)
A: Please wait for further notice on when the school will open. After that you can come to our office for specific procedures.
Q: Can I get the WeChat or email address of your office? I have a question about my passport and residence permit.
A: Please contact Mrs. Zhang. The e-mail address is hongli@tongji.edu.cn.
Q: Can we still enter with a non-expired residence permit?
A: In this situation, the residence permit is valid. But according to our school’s regulation, no students can return to Tongji unless a formal notice is made.
Q: I haven’t rented an apartment and currently I am staying with my friend. Can I use her address to register as my residential address?
A: Yes, you can. Once you have rented a place to stay, please update your address online on time and report to your school.

About tuition fee and scholarship

Q: How to pay the school fee? If I couldn’t pay my tuition fee for upcoming semester, what should I do?
A: Register first and you can pay your tuition fee when the school officially starts.
Q: I am a freshman with scholarship. If I decide to defer my admission to fall semester, am I still qualified for the scholarship? What about the Confucius Scholarship (one-term program)?
A: In this situation, you can defer to fall semester and your scholarship qualification remains. About Confucius Scholarship, please contact Confucius Institute.
Q: Some students who are still in china haven't received their allowance money. What can we do?
A: Please contact our office through e-mail or your school for help.
Q: How many days should students, who are now outside China, wait until they get their allowance after coming back to China and reporting to School?
A: This kind of students shall attend the online lecture first and wait for notice on returning to China. You will receive the allowance within a month after the school officially starts.
Q: I heard that those scholarship students who are outside China will be temporarily suspended. Can we extend our scholarship or study period? I am afraid that my scholarship may be affected considering that I could not return to school now.
A: If you cannot attend this semester’s educational activity, you can apply for a temporary leave. The extension of scholarship must object to the regulation of CSC and no extension available for master students. This rule is also applicable for Shanghai Government Scholarship.

About entering, registering and courses-selection

Q: When can freshmen come to China?
A: Freshmen shall not come to China unless a further notice is made.
Q: What’s the best way to get information about returning to school? When is the predicted date to return to China?
A: Now there is NO information about returning. The office will keep everyone informed through e-mail, WeChat Official Account and our website.
Q: Will we be informed in advance when the school officially starts?
A: Yes.
Q: Which system is used for online lectures and when should we register for those? How can I register on 1.tongji.edu.cn?
A: 1.tongji.edu.cn is used for online lectures. Those who should attend the online lectures should register on this website on February 27 and 28 for online lectures. You can contact your school about how to register on this website.
Q: I do not need to attend online lectures. Am I still required to register on 1.tongji.edu.cn?
A: Yes.
Q: Are only students that are doing their major in Tongji supposed to register online?What about the language students?
A: Online registration is required for ALL international students, including language students. For detailed information, please contact your school.
Q: What about new students that don’t have a Student ID yet? How do I get a Student-ID?
A: Please contact your school.
Q: How to apply for courses? What is the arrangement about the Tongji lectures and the P.E classes for those who will be graduating this summer?
A: Please contact the teacher who is responsible for educational-affairs in your school.
Q: Can master students still apply for the class General View of China and what if I missed this class?
A: Please contact the teacher who is responsible for educational-affairs in your school.
Q: What is the username and password for the APP Tang class for "General View of China"?
A:The user name of tang class is tjXXXXXX (XXXXXX is your student number).

About lectures and graduation

Q: We have some courses that require all master students to take part in discussions. But the difference in time really affects our participation. We and the teacher both are willing to adjust the time. How can we do that?
A: If you want to re-arrange the class, the teacher should contact the school or college.
Q: Is there any update for the undergraduate students who were supposed to graduate at the end of this spring semester and for those who are meant to graduate in June/July this year?
A: Students who were supposed to graduate in the spring semester have finished their graduation and leaving procedures. For those who will be graduating this June/July, the university will make a plan.
Q: Can international students change their major? If we can, when can we do that and are there any specific requirements?
A: Major-changing is stopped for this semester. If you have any other questions, you can refer to Mr. Ye Yongbang in our office after the school starts.
Q: Can those who will be graduating do their graduation defense online?
A: This is subject to the requirement and arrangement of different school and colleges.
Q: I am a pre-university program student. If we are to learn online, how can we attend the CSC exam?
Q: The International School of Tongji will arrange the details of the CSC exam.
Q: What can we do if we are out of data traffic? Some students in #1 have no access to Wi-Fi connection.
A: You can contact your counsellor in school for help.

About application of fall semester

Q: I want to apply for master in Tongji. Is there any change of deadline of applying for master programs?
A: The deadline for self-financed students: 15th Jan.- 15th May 2020; for scholarship students: 15th Jan.- 31st Mar., 2020