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[Notice]A Letter to All the International Students

International Students Office
March 16, 2020

Dear students,

Hope everything is going on well with you.

Yesterday, it was reported that, on the flight from Frankfurt to Shanghai, 4 passengers were found having high body temperature, which is regarded as one of the symptoms of covid-19 infection,2 passengers having taken temperature-killing medicine within 14 hours. Suspected cases have been detected among them according to one source. All the passengers are under great potential healthy risks.

The risk of getting infected truly exists. Due to the fact that epidemic spread is taking place in more and more countries, long-distance travel is truly risky. Any students, who choose to take international flights disregarding the regulations and dissuasion of the university, are putting themselves as well as the others under actual and critical risks.  According to the experience of epidemic prevention and control of China, stay-where-you-are is the safest and most effective way to prevent the infection and avoid putting yourself at the critical risk.

To ensure your safety and health, now we remind again that all the international students outside China should not return to the university or China before receiving back-to-university notice. Those who return to university or China without approval will face punishment according to the relevant discipline. And scholarship students will also be punished according to the requirements of CSC.

In order to ensure you read the notice, please click the link or scan the QR code below and finish the survey.


During the period of epidemic spread, please keep in touch with the teachers of your department every day. Please respond to our message, email, notification and survey in time. Anything unusual happens, please report to your department as soon as possible.

Finally, we hope we will win this global battle against COVID-19 soon. And we wish safety and health to all of you.

International Students Office

Tongji University

Mar.14th, 2020