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You protect us and we protect you! -- a letter to the Tongji Medical Team members in Wuhan

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February 10, 2020

Dear alumni, our Tongji Heroes,

How are you?

We are from the same university -- Tongji University. Although we have never met before, we care about you who are fighting against the novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP) on the front line in Wuhan.

Your hair that was cut shorter, your clothes that were soaked in sweat, and the marks on your face that were cut deep by the mask and goggles have convinced us that "you are what Angels in White look like".

The song of Tomorrow Will Be Better by ZHAO Qingya, CAI Xiaohong and their teammates in the ward brought tears to our eyes. This was the most beautiful and most encouraging song in the world.

When I saw the lorries loaded with supplies from the East Hospital of Tongji University arrive at Wuhan and you managed to set up a tented mobile hospital overnight to support the running of the Fangcang Hospital in Wuhan Keting, a makeshift hospital to receive patients with less severe symptoms, I told my son that these people are my alumni and they are very brave. At that moment, I felt extremely proud.

The first batch, second batch and third batch of medical professionals from Tongji University appeared in the long list of medical teams that went to Hubei for support. There is a story about going towards danger behind each name. Every drop of sweat in each rescue is pinned with hope of life.

Dear alumni, are you adequately protected? Do you have enough rest? Is there enough time to dry your clothes before you put them on again? The Lantern Festival is round the corner. Can you have a bowel of lunar dumplings and have a minute to ring home and tell your family that you are safe?

At this moment, we feel deeply moved and full of admirations for you. But as your alumni and the "family" of your alma mater, we feel that it is not enough just to say "thank you" to you. We want to do more! This is how the "Tongji Hero Fund - Award for Members of Support-Wuhan Medical Teams of Tongji Hospitals " came about.
This is an award for you. People say that there are no angels who fall down to the land from the sky for no reason; but there are people who stand up to face the danger for the benefit of human beings. Therefore, we hope to back you up with our support; we hope that every brave step forward will be genuinely encouraged; and we hope that the Tongji spirit of "rowing together towards the same goal" will pass on forever.

The initiative to establish the Fund for you received enthusiastic support of a large number of alumni. In just 3 days, a total of 1.199 million yuan was raised. Among the alumni who made donations, there were students at the University who still live on loan. They said, "we must support our 'white angels'". There was an alumnus who had already donated medical supplies worth of millions of yuan, and an alumnus who donated all the money won from his Award of Excellence. There were alumni who have been "shut" indoors recently and want to express their gratitude. They all expressed their wish to act and show their support. You are there to protect us and we are here to protect you!

Dear alumni, you will receive a text message on your mobile phone today or tomorrow informing you of a payment to your account. It is from the "Tongji Hero Fund" to show our respect for and appreciation to you. You will not be presented with flowers, applause, medals or awards ceremony yet at the moment, but we will greet you with the best wine and hear your stories behind the scene when the epidemic is defeated and the spring returns to the land.

Tomorrow is the Lantern Festival. We wish you safety and health during the Festival. Take good care of yourselves! We are here waiting for your safe return together with your family!

Be strong!

Your alumni of Tongji University