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A Letter to Tongji University International Students

International Students Office
January 31, 2020

Dear Students,

Happy Chinese new year and all the best for you and your family!

China is combating against new coronavirus infection all over the nation. Top level response to public health emergencies have been activated. Prevention and control of the new coronavirus infection is the most critical mission at present.

For prevention and control of the pneumonia epidemic, and for the health of all the new students, the University has decided to postpone the opening date of 2020 Spring Semester for international students, according to the unified deployment of the Ministry of Education and Shanghai Municipal Government. The specific semester start time will be notified later. All students are required NOT TO COME to the university in advance. Please keep close attention on the further notice.

If possible, stay at the place where you are right now, avoid intercity transportation, and book your return tickets  after the University Notice on opening date is issued officially.

We would like to remind you to improve your awareness of:

  • DO NOT go to Hubei Province or any other areas under severe epidemic. Stay away from crowded places and cooperate with the prevention and control work.

  • Obey Chinese laws and all rules and regulations of TJU and respect Chinese Customs.

  • Beware of any messages or calls of fraud

  • To increase the consciousness of prevention and protection to improve environmental and personal hygiene. Read the guidelines and tips on the prevention and control of the coronavirus out break on the University WeChat public account and the University website.Do environmental disinfection,maintain personal hygiene, wash hands frequently, do room ventilation frequently, wear face masks in public places, and avoid attending gatherings and group activities.

  • In case of fever, cough or any other symptoms, please go to hospital immediately and don't forget to report to the International Students Office, dormitory management, or program coordinator of your department.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.Wish you all good health!

International Students Office

Tongji University

Jan 31st 2020