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(Lecture) Large Passenger Aircraft and its Future

School of Aerospace Engineering and Applied Mechanics
November 26, 2019

Date:            November 29, 2019
Time:           15:30–17:00
Location:     Lecture Hall, Second Floor, Yifu Building
Campus:      Siping Campus

Speaker:      Professor XU Qinghong
Audience:    Open to all teachers and students

About the lecture:
This presentation will focus on the research and development of large passenger aircrafts in China. The speaker will talk about the significances of China's development of large passenger aircrafts, the history of civil aircraft development, and the market needs of commercial aircrafts. COMAC (Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China) and its aircraft products, e.g. new regional aircraft ARJ21, large passenger aircraft C919, long-range wide-body passenger aircraft CR929, civil aircraft development prospects will be introduced as well.

About the speaker:

XU Qinghong, born in October 1961, is a Vice President of Shanghai Aviation Society. Over the years, he worked as a (senior) engineer with Shanghai Aircraft Design Institute, chief engineer of aircraft design with the Boeing, deputy chief engineer, Deputy Board Director/Deputy General Manager of the Airline Products Department of Shanghai Aviation Industry (Group) Co., Deputy General Manager of COMAC, and Executive Board Director, General Manager of Customer Service Co., Ltd. of COMAC Shanghai.

Source: https://news.tongji.edu.cn/info/1009/71701.htm