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8 Schools of Freshman College Embrace 4,377 New Undergraduate Students with Open Arms

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August 27, 2019

On August 25th, registration day for Tongji University freshmen, the university welcomed 4,377 new undergraduate students and 7,219 new graduate students.

The facial recognition system was in place for new students to check their identity and complete their registration quickly by scanning their face. On the big screen near the entrance of the university, the number of registered students was being updated constantly. At about 10 a.m., the registration rate of undergraduate freshmen reached 85 percent.

Eight Schools of the Freshman College Open its Arms to New Students

In order to adapt to the new policy of General Education for Profound Foundation for cultivating the top-notch talent, and further build a new talent-cultivation system of Integrated Enrollment, Teaching, and Management by Categories, the university set up 10 characteristic experimental classes as the main part of undergraduate admissions for this year, including 5 engineering experimental classes that cover 5 categories of Landscape and Design for Architecture and Urban Planning, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Intelligent Transportation and Vehicle, Intelligent Manufacturing, and Information Technology, and 5 other experimental classes that cover medicine, sciences, economics and management, humanities and social sciences. After entering the university, all freshmen students from the 10 characteristic experimental classes will study at the 8 undergraduate schools set up in the Freshman College. For the first academic year, the College will be responsible for the teaching and management with focus primarily on general education and academic guidance for the students to build a solid foundation required by a first-class undergraduate education. Upon completing their first-year study at the College, students will choose their major and continue their study at different schools and colleges starting from their second year at the university.

Green Channel is Laid at the Doorstep of Struggling Freshmen

About 25% of the undergraduate freshmen are from economically difficult families, and nearly 400 of them are most needy students. During the summer vacation, the university provided nearly 400 freshmen from economically difficult families with nearly 250,000 Yuan for travel subsidies to help them out.

On the first day of registration, a heart-warming green channel was arranged for the economically difficult freshmen to handle the formalities of tuition and miscellaneous fees deferment. A total of 600 love packages with daily necessities worth about 600 Yuan were delivered to those students. After enrollment, they will also receive temporary financial hardship subsidies and various grants to ensure that they can concentrate on their study without worrying about their living.