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Joint International Laboratory of Earthquake Engineering Successfully Pass Examination and Appraisal

On April 4, 2019, a group of experts conducted an examination and appraisal of the construction of join International Laboratories of Earthquake Engineering (ILEE), which was organized by the Science and Technology Development Center, Ministry of Education (MOE) under the authorization of the Department of Science and Technology, MOE.

The experts carefully listened to reports from the Chinese and foreign directors of the joint laboratory and inspected the infrastructure, environment and operation of the joint laboratories on both Siping and Jiading Campus. Questions were asked and suggestions were made for the research objectives, directions and talent cultivation. The experts agreed that the laboratories possessed tremendous strengths and a solid foundation of international cooperation, having organized 14 international scientific research tasks and obtained a number of innovative and iconic achievements, thus improving its international academic influence. The laboratories achieved major progress in international academic research, international talent team building, high-end talent cultivation as well as establishing an efficient international management and cooperation mechanism. Since the establishment of the joint research ILEE project, it has successfully completed the construction goals and made significant achievements in disciplinary construction, talent cultivation and introduction, international cooperation, and collaborative innovation results. In addition, the expert group recommended the laboratory integrate further international resources to serve the national strategic demands, optimize the international cooperation academic environment, lead the development of disciplines in this field, and establish a world-class academic center and innovation base.