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Dream Chasers from Tongji University

In the past winter vocation, Tongji students impressed the audience of Central China Television (CCTV) by their outstanding performances during the fourth season of the Chinese Poetry Conference and Super Braintwo programs on CCTV. They have even become idols of many young students.

The Chinese Poetry Conference, a competition program themed on Chinese classical poetry has caused a stir in China since it was launched on CCTV last year.

Miss CHEN Geng, once an undergraduate student at the College of Electronics and Information Engineering, Tongji University, is on a Ph.D. degree program at Peking University. Since the start of the first season of Chinese Poetry Conference, the beautiful and elegant girl caught the attention of audience who showed an impressive smile while playing with poems. Her first appearance on the stage turned out to be a blockbuster. She eventually ended up No.1 with her calm and unconventional temperament.

During this season, Miss ZHU Tong also amazed audience with her wisdom and charm. She is a postgraduate student from the Biomedical Engineering class of 2016, the School of Medicine of Tongji University. ZHU said that she had been a loyal audience of the Chinese Poetry Conference for three years, and decided to come to the scene for the fourth season. Her relaxed and simple words showed her outstanding competence.

Super Brain has received much attention since its launch, and Tongji students left a deep impression on the audience with their wisdom.

At the new season of Super Brain which has just started, ZHANG Yishuai, a Ph.D. student from Urban and Rural Planning class 2017 at the College of Architecture and Urban Planning of Tongji University, won the first place in the Digital Puzzle. As a unified examination project, Digital Puzzle tested the competitors’ reasoning ability, reaction ability and psychological quality on the stage under high pressure, during which ZHANG ranked first with 22’24. ZHANG has won many awards such as the National Scholarship, and participated in research projects and published academic papers.

HOU Shicheng, a graduate from Xingan Middle School in Jiangxi Province, is an 18-year-old freshman at the College of Electronics and Information Engineering. He won a second prize of the Chinese Physics Olympiad 2017 and a second prize of the National High School Mathematics League. Another 18-year-old boy SUN Haotian, a freshman at the College of Architecture and Urban Planning known as “King in the Sea of Exams”, won a second prize of the National Olympiad in Informatics at the age of 13. He was exempt from taking the English course because of his good English upon entering the university.

The 25-year-old DUAN Chao is a Ph.D. student on a joint program between Tongji University and Columbia University, USA. He owns 12 national patents, won university scholarships and an award of Excellent Student Leader of Tongji University. In addition, he has hosted large-scale events such as anniversary celebration parties of Tongji and welcome parties for freshmen, and participated in CCTV programs.

These dream chasers from Tongji are revising the definition of young idols and making the best out of their youth.