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Letter of Gratitude to Tongji Experts from National Health Commission

The School of Medicine of Tongji received a letter of gratitude from the Bureau of Disease Prevention and Control, National Health Commission a week ago. According to the letter, Professor ZHAO Xudong had made outstanding contributions to mental health by being committed to drafting a working plan for pilot social psychological service system construction, participating in national assessment of pilot comprehensive mental health management and revision of Working Rules for Administration and Treatment of Severe Mental Disorders (2018) in spite of time pressure and heavy workload.

Professor ZHAO Xudong had done a lot of work in psychotherapy, psychological counseling, psychosomatic medicine, general mental health and cultural psychiatry. He had also worked hard in improving international exchange and cooperation, and making contingency plans for incidents and disasters.

ZHAO Xudong said that these challenging tasks were not only beneficial to him but also helpful to his teaching and clinical medicine practice. Over the years, the research, drafts, and conferences which were forward-looking, practical, comprehensive and international, formed part of his teaching materials which were complimentary to standard textbooks, making it possible for medical students at Tongji University to learn the cutting-edge knowledge and practice in psychiatry.