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The First “Zhangwu Forum: Artificial Intelligence Seminar” of Tongji University

The first "Zhangwu Forum: Artificial Intelligence Seminar" of Tongji University was held on January 16th, 2019. More than 50 teachers from 11 schools and colleges of Tongji, including College of Electronic and Information Engineering, School of Software Engineering, School of Mechanical Engineering and College of Transportation Engineering, introduced their research achievements in AI and explored the impact of AI on various academic disciplines and its trends of development.

Participants reported on their AI related research on Bio-medical AI, Metamaterials & Machine Learningand Mathematical Theory, Key Algorithms and Applications of AIcovering not only new disciplines like telecommunications and software, but also such traditional ones as physics, mathematics and mechanics. The participating teachers regarded the “Zhangwu Forum” as a good platform for promotion of multidisciplinary exchanges and realization of interdisciplinary development. They also expressed their willingness to seek new cooperation models and participate more actively in AI related research on this platform.

AI has penetrated into all aspects of our study, work and life in recent yearsand information technology has a great impact on the development of academic disciplines. It has become a tendency to integrate AI technology with disciplinary development. Last year, Shanghai Research Institute for Intelligent Autonomous Systems was established at Tongji University, which provided a good opportunity for the university to coordinate academic disciplinary advancement for promoting the development of the centre. The Second "Zhangwu Forum: AI Seminar" is to be held in near future.