Spring semester begins at Tongji University

February 24, 2022

Hello, new semester! The Tongji campuses, which had remained quiet for a month during the winter holiday, came back to life with bells ringing again for class. February 21, 2022 was the first day of the spring semester at Tongji University, and the long-lost sunshine showed its smiling face. Students returned to the campus with delightful steps in the gentle spring breeze, and their youthful faces were full of longing for the future. Students embarked on a new journey with renewed energy and expectations!

Look at the attentive eyes in the classroom, the heads buried in reading in the library, the concentration in the laboratory, the running and jumping on the sports ground and in PE class! YOU look so cute when working hard! The canteens are still filled with the familiar delicious smell; the dormitories are still our good old homes. All is well, and the New Year is promising. Let's embrace the spring and set sail together to the future!

Students on their way to the classroom at Siping Campus

Students on the way to the morning class, Siping Campus

Class going on, Siping Campus

Class going on, Huxi Campus

Students reading in the library, Siping Campus

A scene in the library, Jiading Campus

Enjoying reading in the library, Jiading Campus

Searching for books in the library, Siping Campus

Reading in the library, Siping Campus

Doing an experiment. Huxi Campus

Waiting for test result in a laboratory, Siping Campus

Busy in the laboratory, Jiading Campus

Learning technical know-what at a gym, Siping Campus

Students at a rock climbing class, Siping Campus

PE class going on, Siping Campus

Self-served food at a canteen, Siping Campus

Stewed hot pots at a canteen, Siping Campus

Busy serving food at a canteen, Siping Campus

Photo/ Zhou You, Li Xiang, Bai Xue, Chen Shen Yu, Liu Jiahui, Cheng Jingran, Luo Haiyi, Liu Jiaqi Video/ Wu Yixiang, Song Yuxing, Li Hua