Professor YU Peng's Sketching Works Exhibition is on display at Jiading Campus

June 30, 2021

On June 25, the opening ceremony of Picturesque Scenery of Rivers and Mountains, Aesthetic Education in Action - Professor Yu Peng's Sketching Works Exhibition, one of Tongji’s “Art in Buildings" series of activities, was held at the Zhixin Hall of Jiading Campus. Vice Party Secretary of the University WU Guangming attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. The exhibition was organized by the Publicity Department of the University Party Committee and co-sponsored by the Party Working Committee of Jiading Campus, the Party Committee of the School of Electronic and Information Engineering, and the Party Committee of the School of Mechanical Engineering. Leaders from the Party Working Committee of Jiading Campus, College of Arts and Media, School of Mechanical Engineering, and School of Electronic and Information Engineering, as well as teachers and students from other colleges at Jiading Campus, attended the opening ceremony. YU Peng is a teacher of the College of Arts and Media.

WU Guangming (third left) at the opening ceremony

According to WU Guangming, Tongji University has paid attention to strengthening the cultural construction of Jiading campus in recent years. The university has organized various cultural activities including "Elegant Art on Campus", weekly concerts, Wenque Hall thematic activities, painting and calligraphy exhibitions, etc. to continuously enhance the cultural soft power of Jiading campus. WU hopes that teachers and students can actively participate in these activities and keep improving their cultural literacy and aesthetic level.

YU Peng talked about his understanding from work creation. He said that with the development of the times, aesthetic education has become more and more important and plays a crucial role in improving humanistic literacy and enhancing cultural self-confidence. "He who nurtures others nurtures himself first." Teachers should focus on improving their own artistic quality, so that students can discover, feel, and create beauty in subtle ways.

The responsible individual of the Party Working Committee of Jiading Campus stated that Jiading Campus attaches great importance to the campus cultural construction and has opened various calligraphy and painting exhibitions in libraries and colleges respectively. This exhibition is the practical action of Tongji teachers and students, represented by Professor YU, to strengthen cultural construction and build an ecologically civilized campus. By painting the picturesque sceneries with his brush, Professor YU dedicates this elaborate work to celebrating the centenary of the founding of the Party.

YU Peng (first right) elaborating his work

The exhibition started in June and will be on display till September at Zhixin Hall and Kaiwu Hall of Jiading campus.


Pictures by HUA Huan