Professor JIANG Huiling Delivers a Lecture on Strategies for Building the Rule of Law in China

April 04, 2021

The first lecture at the Sky Auditoria of Tongji Alumni Lifelong Learning Platform was delivered both online and offline on March 28. Prof. JIANG Huiling, Dean of the Law School of Tongji University, gave a lecture titled "Strategies for Building the Rule of Law in China", attracting an on-site audience of roughly 200 alumni, teachers and students. The lecture was streamed live on Tongji Alumni Lifelong Learning Platform and major online platforms run by Tongji University. In the meantime, Tongji alumni set up 12 branch venues in Fujian, Guangzhou, Hunan, Jiangxi, Linyi, Ningbo, Qingdao, Shenzhen, Sichuan, Suzhou, Wenzhou, and Yantai so that they could listen to the lecture and interact with Prof. JIANG.

On-site audience keeping social distance for prevention of COVID-19


After jogging alumni's memory of the proud history of the Law School of Tongji University, Prof. JIANG staked out his position that Tongji alumni who graduated from such a prestigious, centennial university should pursue a lofty macro-vision, and hoped that this lecture would not end up with the superficial discussion on specific legal issues, but prompt far-reaching debates on the rule of law, a strategic path for China to rise as a powerful nation. Citing the strategic task put forth at the 15th CPC National Congress, he hailed the move as the first time China has taken rule of law as a fundamental strategy for the party to lead the people in governing the country, and given rule of law a fundamental, dominant and institutional strategic position in the party's governance of the country. Focusing on this topic, Prof. JIANG introduced to the audience the achievements made by and the existing challenges facing China in its determined march toward the rule of law, the general connotations of the modern rule of law, and the political prerequisites for the universal rule of law.

Prof. JIANG Huiling delivering the lecture

To conclude, Prof. JIANG, with decades of research and work experience in the sphere of judicial reform, elaborated on the ten strategies for building the rule of law in China. When talking about the proper coordination between domestic and foreign practices toward the rule of law, he held that, according to his years of research into the international legal system and his frequent foreign visits, the differences between China and foreign countries in national conditions make it unadvisable for China to fully bring in the foreign legal system in its entirety. Meanwhile, with China gradually beefing up its presence in the international arena, he added, the current international landscape complicated with high uncertainties and instabilities is prompting China to rev up its strategic arrangements for foreign-related legal practices, so that China can effectively respond to various challenges and secure the strategic initiative.

After a 90-minute insightful lecture, Prof. JIANG had an interactive Q&A with alumni from the branch venues and the on-site audiences, and shared his perceptive views on topics such as foreign-related legal practices, judicial independence and fair law enforcement. He called on alumni from the law circle to carry forward the rule of law and become outstanding legal professionals. He also called upon more alumni to embrace the rule of law, to think from the perspective of rule of law, to assist in the rule of law, and to contribute to the rule of law at national, social and university levels and the lofty cause of education.

Prof. JIANG interacting with alumni from the branch venues


This lecture also attracted many alumni who graduated from the Law School of Tongji University, who mentioned that they have been keeping a close eye on the developments of the law discipline of Tongji University and were thrilled to hear this lecture of the dean. Many were reluctant to leave after the lecture and continued to talk with Prof. JIANG, who introduced alumni to the latest development plan and talent fostering orientation of the Law School and encouraged them to maintain close contact with the Law School in various ways and to shore up its drive to foster more talents and pursue further development.


Participants gathering together for a group photo

In his lecture, Prof. JIANG frequently based his arguments on his practical experience and presented the legal knowledge and the relevant policies and plans to the audience in a plain and easy-to-understand manner, thereby helping alumni better comprehend the strategies for building the rule of law in China. The lecture was attended personally by roughly 200 alumni, teachers and students and remotely by more alumni at the branch venues through livestreaming, with viewship topping 80,000 on all platforms.