Notice on Work Arrangements for Winter Vacation 2021

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The work arrangements for Winter Vacation 2021 are as follows:

1. According to the school calendar, the Winter Vacation 2021 will run from January 25 to February 26.

2. Students will have winter vacation from January 25 to February 26. On February 27th and 28th, undergraduate and preparatory students will register for the new semester at the locations designated by their respective colleges/schools, and postgraduate students will register online on Tongji’s Teaching Management Information System. Classes will begin on March 1 (Monday).

3. During the vacation, full-time teachers will do their lesson preparation and spend their vacation as arranged by their college/school.

4. Vacation days for the remaining teachers and employees will be arranged in rotation from January 28th to February 24th. Normal work will resume on February 25 (Thursday).

5. Continuing education colleges, logistics groups, and enterprises affiliated to the university-run industry may determine their own vacation time according to their work situations and actual conditions.

6. During the winter vacation, all units are asked to adhere to the duty system strictly and arrange for personnel to be on duty to ensure the normal operation of various daily management tasks. On-duty personnel must be at their posts, perform their duties, and ensure smooth communications. When encountering urgent, important matters or emergencies, they must ask for instructions immediately and handle them appropriately. All units must submit their duty schedules to the collaborative office platform for the record before January 21.

7. All units must continue to consolidate the effectiveness of pandemic prevention work, and do a good job in normalizing pandemic prevention and control. Units must also strengthen the work of guarding the university while on duty, and earnestly carry out major safety inspections while focusing on fire, theft, and cold preventions. The key administration offices and departments should ensure that there are no oversights in their comprehensive inspection, and strive to prevent the occurrence of various accidents. The Security Office, the logistic sections, and the colleges/schools must conduct a safety inspection of the student dormitory after the students leave the university, prohibit the illegal use of electricity, and strengthen the security of the student dormitory area. The logistics sections should take advantage of the winter vacation period to check and maintain classrooms, dormitories, and other living facilities promptly, take anti-freezing measures and make necessary preparations for the start of the new semester.

8. During the winter vacation, all units must provide various forms of assistance in accordance with actual and unforeseen situations. Visit and bring the university’s seasonal subsidies to our retired personnel, families of military martyrs, underprivileged families, and hospitalized patients. Relevant colleges/schools should care for and arrange the welfare of the students remaining on campus during the Winter Vacation, and solve their practical difficulties effectively.

9. The Jiading Campus Shuttle Bus operating schedule for the winter vacation period will be formulated by the Jiading Campus Management Committee Office and will be released in due course.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Tongji University

December 25, 2020