Elegance of brush pens--The artistic charm of Chinese figure paintings

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About the Speaker

Fig. 1 Figure paintings

GU Song, co-founder of Shanghai Xunji Culture Communication Co., Ltd., and an Excellent Volunteer of Shanghai Museum, has provided hundreds of Chinese painting appreciation guide services to visitors in the Painting Section of Shanghai Museum since 2009.


Fig. 2 Figure painting display in the University Library

The development of Chinese paintings is like a symphony, where the classical themes of figures, flowers and birds, and landscapes are interpreted in a historical context.

Painters from the Six Dynasties to the Tang Dynasty, e.g. GU Kaizhi and WU Daozi, developed figure painting paradigms in history. Artists of the past generations created many masterpieces which were diverse in the subject matter. The paintings, subtle or casual in techniques, ultimately penetrate the time and reveal their artistic charm in a radiant manner.

Through the selected figure painting masterpieces, GU Song will share with us the cultural stories of the figures in the paintings.

18:30—20:30 December 1, 2020

Haven of Literature

10th Floor,

Tongji University Library

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