“Charm of Light · Future Art Photography Exhibition”

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A great photograph not only catches your eye but also touches your heart which is the charm of the art of photography. We are living in an era of image reading, but being good at "taking photos", and at "photography" does not mean the same; the difference lies in the word art.

After almost half a year’s preparation, the 2020 Art Photography Tongji University General Education Course Exhibition of student photography works started on December 1 at the University Library. Works displayed were selected from the student photographs for the final exam of the Art Photography course in the 2nd semester of 2019-2020.



This photography exhibition comes not only as a review of the course but more as an opportunity to communicate arts and aesthetics. Through learning the course of art photography, students have made steady and substantial improvements in their overall art education, including aesthetic accomplishment and artistic interest. With improvement in basic photography techniques and art expression, they have also gained rudimentary photography techniques. Despite the fact that the exhibited works are somewhat immature, their observations and perceptions of nature, society, and life through a unique perspective. Distinctive aesthetic interests are expressed vividly in the rich language of photography, arousing joy and admiration in people’s hearts.

Organized by Tongji University Library

December 1- 31, 2020

1st Floor Hall

Tongji University Library

Siping Campus