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Since the new revision of Regulations on Patent Management took effect, Tongji University has introduced an evaluation mechanism in the patent application stage, thus achieving the hierarchical management of patent applications. During the stage of application, Tongji University plans the prospect of patent industrialization. After evaluating the market value, innovativeness and technological sophistication, the University provides professional value-added services such as patent marketing and planning for those with excellent prospects of industrialization. The University will coordinate existing patents within the University to group those with the potential for industrialization by their disciplines and applications. The research, analysis and classification of patent management information system contributes to a life-cycle service tracking system of patents.

Correlation Graph

You may learn about how teachers and researchers of Tongji University are interested in intellectual property rights from the following graph which shows the increasing curve in their application for patents in recent years.

Trend of Patent Applications by Tongji University (2010-2017)

Statistical Table

The table below provides a global picture of the patent application by teachers and researchers at Tongji University over the years until 2017.

Types Total
(until 2017)
patent for
utility model design patent
1,507 1,321 185 1
Patent granted 863 745 118 ——

Patent Applications by Tongji University until 2017

Patents of Tongji University (in Chinese) are available at