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Tongji actively expands the width and depth of its international exchange. Based on traditional cooperation with Germany, the university expands its collaboration with major European countries, actively explore cooperation opportunities in North America, partner with universities in major Asian countries and regions, and extends its influence to Africa, thus formulating an international exchange and cooperation framework with distinct features, wide coverage, full initiatives, and high quality.

The university has established eight international cooperation platforms such as Sino-German College, and is expanding its exchange and collaboration with the US, Japan, and Australia, among others. It actively develops its cooperation with top universities and enterprises both at home and abroad by signing cooperative agreements with over 200 overseas universities and building research centers together with many world-famous companies.

To promote joint educational programs with partner universities globally, Tongji has launched its international education programs featuring “three 600” since 2012, namely, among students participating in the Excellent Engineer Education programs, 600 will get double degrees, 600 others will get credits from foreign universities, and another 600 will gain study abroad experience. Meanwhile, a “three 300” exchange programs with partners in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan are also implemented.