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Asian Countries

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Exchange and Cooperation with Japan

The cooperation with Japan started from the 80th last century in the background of opening and reform. In the following 20 years, the relationship with Japan has been gradually strengthened and deepened with coming-back of scholars with the experience of studying or working abroad in Japan and joining in Tongji University ,and the cooperating also become more multiple and full of substantiality. On this basis, teaching points with local universities respectively were set up in Tokyo in 2004 and Osaka in 2007 aiming for further cooperation and communication. In 1992, with help of Osaka Setsunan University, Tongji University established its Japanese major in the college of foreign language. So far, we’ve developed our strength with 19 professors and 128 students majoring in Japanese and Japanese Culture. Today, besides of the partial cooperation and frequent communication with Japanese corporations and companies, we have established inter-university official cooperative relation with 24 Japanese universities and research organizations. Additionally, since 2003, short-term students exchange programs with ten Japanese universities were started. It plays the important role of improving the communication and understanding and promoting the viewing and knowledge of youths from both countries.


Exchange and Cooperation with Korea

Since the first time in 2001 when Tongji University entered into agreement for education and Science Cooperation with Kangwon University of Korea, we have gradually established and begun various communication and cooperation including short-term student exchange with Kyung Hee University, KAIST, Korea University, Seoul University, Sungkyun Kwan University, Pusan National University, Miryang National University, Asia University, Inje University and Jeonju University, as well as the cooperation with Korean corporations such as LG, LS and PRIME were also established, covering fields of civil engineering, architecture, materials, electronic communication, physics, automobile engineering and of social science, human culture.


Exchange and Cooperation with Vietnam

The relationship with Vietnam could be tracked back in 1950s and 1960s. There have been many excellent Vietnam students learning in architecture, urban planning, structural engineering, and economics, have played their important roles in infrastructure construction in Vietnam and some of have become the Ministry leaders. After our opening and reform, many young students were introduced to study in Tongji and contribute to our official cooperation with relative universities-Hanoi Architecture University、Hanoi Civil Engineering University、Hanoi University of Mining and Geology. Meanwhile, we also establish training programs for Vietnam officials and send our professors to Vietnam for teaching and research.


Exchange and Cooperation with Singapore

Tongji University signed agreement for Exchange and Cooperation in academic and education with Nanyang Technological University and The National University of Singapore. Under the agreement, the cooperation is fruitful in the fields of civil engineering, environment, mathematics, economy & management and urban planning. At the same time, we also have the relationship with Nanyang Technology University, Asia-Pacific Management Institution, Singapore Housing and Development Board, Singapore Education Institution and ABB Material Holding Company.


Exchange and Cooperation with Malaysia

In 2003, under the witness of Vice President of Education Ministry of Malaysia, Tongji University concluded MOU with Kuala Lumpur Infrastructure University to provide teaching outlines and consultancy for it. In 2006, the further detailed agreement in the field of civil engineering has been entered into.


Exchange and Cooperation with Yemen

In 1960s under the direction of Chinese Education Ministry, Tongji University has sent professors of electricity, construction engineering and construction to teach in Yemen Sana’a Technology Institute and participate into the management of Sana Institute. Afterwards, this institute has developed into Sana’a University. An Exchange and Cooperation Agreement was concluded between two of universities in 1990.


Exchange and Cooperation with Other Asian Countries

Exchange and Cooperation were also kept with education and research organizations of Thailand, India, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Uzbekistan and Israel in various ways.