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American Countries

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American Continent, especially the North America, which is known for its outstanding education resources and flexible educational system, is now regarded as one of key areas where Tongji University attaches great importance to enhance communication and cooperation.


The exchange and cooperation activities between Tongji University and northern America could be traced back to 1980s. As early as in 1982, Tongji University signed agreements with Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Notre Dame respectively to strengthen cooperation in research, promote exchange of academic staff, and enhance collaboration in education and technology research in undergraduate and postgraduate levels.


As the cooperation goes deeper, three collaboration platforms (University, School and Department) have been gradually formed in the field of environment, electronic engineering, automotive engineering, communication and art, material science, politics and law, humanities, etc. Modes of collaboration include but do not limit to student/faculty exchange, summer school, dual degree program, joint research with international enterprises.


Collaborative Programs with USA


Tongji University, as a member of 10 -university alliance under direct auspices of Ministry of Education, signed MOU with UC system to promote exchange and communication in academic and research areas in October 2005.


10+10 program (with UC system)


To enhance bilateral relationships, improve mutual understanding, and develop academic exchanges, ten universities (including Tongji University) under direct administration of the Chinese Ministry of Education and the Regents of the University of California, on behalf of University of California system (USA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding to establish 10+10 Alliance and promote cooperation in education, research, and other fields between two sides.


Tongji University has been devoting itself into active participation of international conferences organized by the alliance, exploring every possible way to increase communication and understanding. Every year, there are approximately 70 students from Tongji University pursuing their Degrees or studying as a visiting student in UC system.

Collaborative Programs with Universities in the USA


Apart from promoting faculty or students exchange with universities in the USA, Tongji University cooperates with international corporations in the USA, such as Boeing, GM, etc, to establish joint labs or scholarships, or offer intern positions.


Joint Labs


Tongji University --- Hach Water Quality Analysis Lab


School of Environment Science and Engineering and Hach signed agreement to co-establish Tongji-Hach Water Quality Analysis Lab, which will equipped with instrument or equipment donated or purchased from Hach to form three systems of online supervision of water quality, lab testing and portable water quality testing. Hach will donate testing equipment or chemical consumables with a total value of 1 million RMB in three years to School of Environment Science and Engineering and offer intern positions to excellent students in Tongji University.


IBM Technical Center


Windows CE Embedded Systems Laboratory






HACH Environment Scholarship


Hach launched environment scholarship in School of Environmental Science and Engineering in May, 2007 to encourage young generation to devote themselves to study and research in environment, participate in high level research program so as to improve innovation capability in the field of environment.


Collaborative Programs with Canada


Tongji University has signed inter-university agreements with Canadian Universities like University of Calgary, University of Montreal, the Conference of Rectors and Principals of Quebec Universities (crepuq), etc. Modes of cooperation include but not limit to dual degree program, student exchange and joint research.


Collaborative Programs with Canadian Universities




Tongji University and University of Montreal signed an agreement on joint PhD program in January, 2008. According to the agreement, 30 Master students from 10 Chinese universities including Tongji University could be enrolled in University of Montreal for their full time Ph. D Degree or joint PhD program with the tuition waived.

List of universities in Canada plus cooperation (part)

Scholarships (part)