There are over 100 student organizations, including clubs, societies and associations at Tongji University ranging from art to volunteerism. Make each day of your college life count by joining us and having fun! Here are a few societies that international students are interested in.

                    at Art Festival Tongji University 2019

Tongji University Golden Flute Art Club

Tongji University Golden Flute Art Club is the first college student club of its kind in China that specializes in bamboo flute performance. The majority of its members are from Tongji University. Mr. DAI Jinsheng, a celebrated flute artist from Shanghai Opera House, serves as the art director. He coaches members every week and supervises various shows of the club

                 Chinese Music Orchestra at an art festival 2018

Chinese Musical Instrument Club

Chinese Musical Instrument Club keep attracting a growing number of students who are gifted in playing musical instruments, Chinese or western. They meet regularly for training which is often supervised by professional players, and sometimes top players in China and in the world.

                 at Art Festival Tongji University 2015

C4Famliy Street Dance Society (since 2010)

C4Family is a family of street dance amateurs who are regularly coached every week by award-winning peers as well as professional dancers. Shows of C4Family have always won acclaims from the audience.

                          Dongli Drama Club

Dongli Drama Club(since 1996)

Dongli Drama Club sparkles with the vigor of youth. There are 10 training sessions every semester, ranging from performance, playwriting to make-up. Asides from the annual plays and short shows, the Club also participates in Shanghai College Student Play Festival. If you dream of being a performance artist, join this club of common ambition and talent!

                        Gravity Animation Association



Gravity Animation Association (since 2002)

The Association is a paradise for Japanese animation fans. It is composed of six departments of general affairs, painting, CV, COS, niconico dance and WOTA that convene on a weekly basis. The annual live show of “Sakura Festival” of the association is broadcast live on, a leading website for animes, comics and games (ACG). This gala is gaining momentum in popularity across Shanghai.

                         Tongji Astronomical Society




Tongji Astronomical Society (Since 2004)

Tongji Astronomical Society was initiated by a group of astronomical amateurs who were interested in unveiling the secrets of the universe. Team research activities for members and road shows for laymen are organized every year. Members also listen to lectures on frontier technologies, conduct field observation in Chongming Island, Shanghai, and share experience with peers from other universities.

                     Dream Classroom Volunteer Association

Dream Classroom Volunteer Association

Every year, Tongji students who join the association go to remote mountainous areas to build an all-in-one “dream classroom” that integrates the classroom, the library and the psychological consultation room. This classroom expands the horizon of local children and paves their waytowards their dreams.

                              Ultimate Frisbee Club

Ultimate Frisbee Club (Since 2014)

Starting from a niche club, it has expanded in scale with members coming from every school of Tongji University. Aside from regular training, the club also organizes teambuilding activities of hiking and excursions.