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Tongji Language

1 Jargons on Campus

Tongji studentsseem tospeaka different language, literally known as Tongji Language in Chinese, though actually they are using jargons that are shared exclusively by Tongji students.Let’s learn some of the jargons.

1.1 yì kǎtōng (一卡通)Campus Card

Literal meaning: one-for-all card on campus

The campus card is indispensable toyour life at Tongji for registration, libraries, hospitals and payment of things including food at canteens.

1.2 qiǎng kè (抢课):panic online registration of courses


Thisexpression describes the situation where students compete with each other to choose their favorite courses in the course selection system.For some popular courses, only a few early birds are lucky enough to catch them, so you need to act quickly!

1.3 shuā duàn (刷): swiping the sports card

It means swiping your Campus Card after doing physical exercise. To help students to keep fit and healthy,the authorities stipulated that freshmen should do physical exercises at least 30 times per semester during their first year at Tongji, which will be carried over to their final score of Grade Point Average (GPA). Students are required to swipe their campus card for record-keeping at the end of their exercise. Therefore, students tend to remind each other by saying “Don’t forget to swipe your card after physical exercise!”

1.4 dà pái dàng (大排): street food stalls

Located at the basement of Xiyuan Canteen, the Tongji StreetFoodStalls are a magnet for hungry students who look for nighttime snacks during its business hours from 19:00 to 23:00.

1.5 dé tú(德): the German Library

This is an acronym for the German Library where only books and journals in German are available. The library is located inside the Sino-German Institute where different styles of seats,including those for crouching and lying, are arranged for ease of student reading both in the library and around the corridors. It is a popular place for international students.

1.6 yīng huā dà dào (花大道): Sakura Avenue

TheSakura Avenue isa road lined with about 200 sakura (cherry) trees,which are loaded withblossoms in mid-March. Everyyear whensakura blossoms, people from every corner of Shanghai throng tothe Sakura Avenue to take pictures and eat sakura cakes atTongji Xiyuan Canteen. Pictures ofthe Sakura Avenue at Tongji have gone viral on social media.

2 Social Media

Wechat accounts

Download a Wechat app to make your life in China convenient and full of fun.

Scan the following QR codes to get involved in an exciting life at Tongji! Mind you: all the following Wechat accounts are in Chinese.

2.1 Tongji University (同济大学)

Update yourself with the latest news posted at Tongji University Wechat Account.


2.2 Tongji University Student Union (TUSU) (同济大会学生会)

Learn about campus events and upcoming activities by following Tongji University Student Union on Wechat.

2.3 International Department of TUSU (同济大会学生会国际)

Get updates on student exchange by following Tongji University Student Union for Exchange Students.

2.4 Association of Tongji Student Societies (同济大学社团联合会)

Get information on students associations by following Association Union of Tongji University.

2.5 Tongji Canteens (同伙管)

FollowTongji Canteensclosely to get your favorite food and avoid big crowd after class.

2.6 Tongji Academic Activities (济学术)

Get updates on lectures and academic seminars by following Tongji University Academic Activities.