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Campus life is not about books alone. Let’s rejoice in sports and sweat in the field. Students here have access to a variety of sports activities.

1 University Sports Teams

Tongji University boasts many excellent sports teams that won numerous medals in national contests over the years. Let’s take a look at some of our sports teams.If you are gifted in sports, come and join us!

Aerobics Team

Members of the aerobics team of Tongji University are trained in basics of aerobics, calisthenics and cheerleading dances by professional coaches and athletes. They have opportunities to join competitions of all levels and also perform in shows and galas.

Tongji Team at World Championship2016


The swimming team of Tongji University ranks top among universities in Shanghai in 2017 and 2018.Swimmers in the team have all attained professional level of China. Their performance in various national contests are also impressive.

TongjiTeam at National College Swimming Competition 2019

Water Polo Team (since 2017)

Although relatively new, the water polo team develops rapidly, winning the bronze medal inNational Collegiate Swimmers’ Contest in 2018.

Tongji Team at the Third China College Student Water Polo Tournament 2019

Lacrosse Team

Established by China Lacrosse Association, theLacrosseTeam of Tongji University is the first team of its kind in Shanghai. Members are equipped with professional gear during their regular training.


Established in 1999, the volleyball team of Tongji University is dedicated to promoting volleyball among students. In 2018, the men’s volleyball team ranked top and the women’s team ranked fifth in Shanghai Volleyball League Tournament.

Baseball Team

Tongji Team at the Fifth Baseball Tournament 2019 at Tongji University

Cricket Team

Tongji Team at U19 China Women’s Cricket Tournament 2019

KarateTeam (since 2015)

Coached by former national team players,the KarateTeam hold regular matches every semester.


Practicing Chinese martial arts, theWushuTeam of Tongji University have won medals in national tournaments.

BallroomDanceTeam (since 2007)

Students have great fun learning ballroom dances. The team has won championships in various Shanghai and national tournaments.

Baseballand Softball Team (since 1997)

With the vision of promoting baseball and softball among college students, the baseball team (for men players) and the softball team (for women players) have represented Tongji University in various contests and tournaments.

Handball team(since 1980)

The handball team is a high-level sports team under the Ministry of Education that has won numerous national championships. It also provides training for amateurs. Team players are noted for their excellent performance inShanghai contests. It is especially popular with international students from Europe, who play with the team during weekends.

2 PE Courses

PhysicalEducation (PE) is a compulsory course at Tongji University. Undergraduate students take PE courses for four semesters, during which they do exercises, relax, refresh and develop teamwork spirits. Here are some of the PE courses available to students.


Cricket course

Basketball course

Volleyball course

Football course

Table tennis course


Badminton course

Balloon Volleyball course

Handball course

Tennis course


Dragon dance

Tai Ji (Shadowboxing)




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