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Stroll to a cafe and enjoy the afternoon. A book and a cup of coffee will do.

The tranquility of Tongji campus always makes you comfortable and relaxed.

Maybe this is the life in the ivory tower that you have been yearning for.

Stay sober with a cup of coffee. Grab and go, and recuperate your body and soul.

Enjoy your good time on campus.

1.2.1Leisure Cafe

Location:Floor 1,Building C,College of Architecture and Urban Planning


Soft drinks,international food, snacks, books and freewifi are provided.

Payment with Campus Card NOT supported


Location:Floor 1, Ganxun Building, near the Sakura Avenue

9:00 - 23:00 (may change without prior notice)

* Payment with Campus Card supported

In the season of Sakura,

Sit down in the open air.

Sip your milk tea while relishing

The beauty of Sakura

Cherish the sweet memories of leisure.

1.2.3 Bakery

This is a bakery opposite the School ofMedicine.

Location:by the Sakura Avenue,opposite the School ofMedicine

Snacks, drinks, egg tarts and boiled eggs with tea leaves are provided.

Payment with CampusCard supported.

1.2.4 Rebecca Yogurt House

Location:in front of the natatorium, opposite to the 129 Basketball Court

Coffees, milk teas, sandwiches and ice creams are provided at moderate prices.

Payment with Campus Card NOT supported.

1.2.5 Ganqishi BAOBAO

Location: next to Northwest Dorm 1

Ganqishi is an expert in steamed buns. Siu mai and soy milk are also provided.

* Payment with Campus Card supported.

1.2.6 Sanhaowu Cafe


Location:By Sanhaowu Garden, opposite Sanhaowu Restaurant


Source: Tongji Student Association on Tongji WechatAccount