Programs by Major

 Bachelor's Degree Programs by Major
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Aerospace Engineering and Applied Mechanics Engineering Mechanics
Aircraft Manufacturing
Architecture and Urban Planning Architecture (5-year program)
Historic Building Protection Engineering
Urban Planning (5-year program)
Landscape Studies
Arts and Media Advertising

Broadcast & Television Journalism
Broadcast & TV Directing N/A
Music Performance
Automotive Studies Vehicle Engineering (5-year program)
Civil Engineering Civil Engineering
Geological Engineering
Port Channel & Coast Engineering
Department of Chemistry Applied Chemistry

Chemical Engineering & Technology
Department of Mathematics Statistics

Mathematics & Applied Mathematics
Design and Innovation Visual Communication Design
Environmental Design
Product Design
Industrial Design
Economics and Management Engineering Management
Information Management & Information Systems
Logistics Management
Administrative Management
International Economy & Trade
Electronics and Information Engineering Computer Science and Technology
Information Security
Electrical Engineering & Automation
Electronic Information Engineering
Communication Engineering
Electronics Science and Technology

Environmental Science and Engineering Environmental Engineering

Water Supply & Sewerage Engineering

Environmental Science

Foreign Languages German

Geographic Information and Surveying Surveying and Mapping Engineering

Humanities Philosophy
Chinese literature
Culture Industry Management
International College of Football Sports Training N/A
International School Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Language (field: economics/trade)
Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Language (field: international education)
Life Sciences and Technology Biological Technology
Biological Information
Material Science and Engineering Materials Science and Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Architectural Environment & Equipment
Thermal Energy & Dynamic Engineering
Machinery Design & Manufacturing & Automation
Industrial Engineering

Medicine Rehabilitation Medicine
Clinical Medicine (5-year program)
Ocean and Earth Science Geology
Exploitation Technologies for the Utilization of Marine Resources
Physics Science and Engineering Applied Physics

Optical Information Science and Technology
Political Science & International Relations Politics & Administration
School of Law Law

Sino-German College of Applied Science Mechatronic Engineering
Automotive Engineering & After-Sales Services
Building Services Engineering
Software Engineering Software Engineering
Stomatology Stomatology (5-year program)
Transportation Engineering Traffic Engineering

Transportation & Communication

Logistics Engineering