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Preparation for Application


Applicants should be between 18-35 years old (by 31st December of that year; only for fall semester application),with a certificate of graduation from high school or above, non-Chinese citizen, and in good health.


Applicants under 18 years old please read the note carefully:

Note for applicants under 18 years old

Guarantee Letter 

Applicants who emigrated to other countries from China Mainland, Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR or Taiwan please read this note carefully:

the note for Chinese Immigrants 


Time for Application

4th March - 10th June

Deadline for scholarship application: 10th April

Application Materials

1. Completed Application Form for International Students of Tongji University

2. A photocopy of passport (personal information page).

3. A photocopy of high school graduation certificate. If the certificate is not in Chinese or English,thetrue copy ofnotarized translations must be submitted.

* The certificates should be notarized bythelocal embassyor consulate of China (oryourforeign embassy or consulate in China).

Certificate of expected graduation issued by senior high school (for applicants who will be graduating from senior high school before July only). Senior high school diploma is required to be notarized; these documents shall be submitted upon registration.

4. Original or notarized transcript of senior high school. If the transcript is not in Chinese or English,thetrue copy ofnotarized translations must be submitted.

*The transcript should be notarized bythe local embassy or consulate of China (or foreign embassies or consulates in China).

5. A copy of New HSK Level certificate

l Applicants for programs of Science and Engineering: HSK Level IV, min. 180 overall is required.

l Applicants for programs of Architecture,Management, Economics and Medicine: HSK Level IV, min.200 overall is required.

l Applicants for programs of LiberalArts and FineArts:New HSKLevel V, min.180 overall is required.

* Applicants for majors of Architecture, Urban Planning, Landscape Studies, Visual Communication Design, Environment Design, Industry Design, Product Design must submit 3 paintings (2 sketches and 1 watercolor).

6. Requirement for applying for BA in Chinese Language:

A copy of certificate of New HSK Level III, min. 180 overall.

Applicants for BA in Chinese language should havepassed New HSK Level IV (min. 210 overall) and have studied Chinese for at least one year. For those who can pass the placement test will start from Grade 2, and those who have passed New HSK Level V (min. 210 overall), have studied Chinese for at least two years and can pass the placement test can start from Grade 3.

7. Other supplementary supporting materials (such as award certificates, transcripts of entrance examinations of other countries, university admission notices, etc.), if any.

* In addition to the above application materials, the University may require applicants to provide supplementary materials, as appropriate. The application fee is nonrefundable. Application documents will NOT be returned.

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