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International Students

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International Students

Tongji University has been recruiting international students since 1954. It is one of the first universities in Shanghai that offers programs to international students. The International Student Office is responsible for international student recruitment, teaching arrangements and student care. It also provides the teaching of Chinese, including a 4-year BA degree program in Chinese.

In 2002, more than 600 long-term and about 400 short-term international students from 58 countries were admitted to pursue their Bachelor, Master and PhD degrees in various disciplines, and to take language courses.

Two on-campus International Students Buildings are used for student accommodation. There are 307 standard rooms and 34 suites available to students. To facilitate student life, an International Student Cafeteria has been established in one of the buildings.

Undergraduate Programs (4-5 years)
69 programs, including 4-year BA program in Chinese

Master Degree Programs (2.5-3 years)
101 programs including business administration

Doctoral Programs (3 years)
39 programs including Structural Engineering

Advanced or In-service Programs (within 1 year)
All Master's and Doctoral degree programs

Chinese Language Training Program (1 semester to 1 year)
Chinese at different levels

More detailed information of the International Student office is available at http://www.isTJu.com
You are welcome to contact us at isTJu@mail.tongji.edu.cn, fsoTJu@ihw.com.cn or yanyujin@mail2.online.sh.cn

International School

International School is responsible for Chinese teaching to international students. It offers a Bachelor's degree in Chinese. At present, 275 international students from 33 different countries are learning Chinese at the School, among whom 46 Students are specializing in Chinese.

Ever since 1970's when Tongji University resumed its enrollment of international students, Chinese language teaching had been provided for international students who took various specialties. In 1987, short-term Chinese courses were established for international Chinese learners. Since 1993, it started to enroll overseas Chinese language majors. During its 30-year practice of teaching Chinese to international students, the School made full use of the academic resources of the University in the fields of city construction, architectural history, tourist culture and economic trade and management. The School has been popular with international students because of it successful combination of Chinese teaching with science and engineering.

The School welcomes international students who are interested in Chinese learning and Chinese culture.

Bachelor Degree Program
Chinese: 4 years, beginning in September, application by June 30 every year

Certificate Programs
Chinese (long-term): 1 semester to 3 academic years, beginning in February and September every year
Chinese (short-term): 1 week to 3 months, flexible commencement time
Please visit our website www.isTJu.com for more information.