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Graduate Programs A-Z

Graduate Programs A-Z
Accounting Informationization
Accounting Theory and Method
Administration and urban governance
Adult education (a lifelong education and learning society; B adult education management; c learning project development and design)
advanced process control
Aerodynamics and flight mechanics
Aesthetics (Art Philosophy, Literature and Art Aesthetics)
Agricultural Ecology and Landscape Horticultural Direction
Agricultural environment engineering direction
Air cleanliness technology
Air pollution control
Aircraft structure design
AI and Data Design
An Overview of the Development of Digital Media Art
Analog / digital integrated circuit design
Analytical and numerical methods of structural analysis and computer simulation
Ancient Chinese Literature
Applied linguistics
Applied Mathematics (Combinatorial Mathematics and Graph Theory, Financial Mathematics, partial differential equations and their applications)
Architectural design
Architectural Design and Theory
Architectural History and Theory
Art Communication and Education
Art history and art theory
Audit Theory and Method
Automatic chip fabrication and design
Automobile embedded Software Technology
Automobile Product Management and Marketing
Basic and clinical aspects of nuclear medicine
Basic and Clinical aspects of Psoriasis
Basic and clinical features of diabetic Retinopathy
Basic and clinical features of radiologic intervention
Basic and Clinical Research, early diagnosis, Prevention and treatment of Cognitive dysfunction
Basic and clinical study of acute leukemia in children
Basic and clinical study of allergic rhinitis
Basic and clinical study of anterior segment diseases
Basic and Clinical study of Cerebrovascular Diseases
Basic and clinical study of dyskinesia
Basic and clinical study of ear science
Basic and Clinical study of Epilepsy
Basic and clinical study of vitreoretinal diseases
Basic Mathematics (Algebra, Geometry, Topology, Real complex Analysis and functional Analysis, number Theory, Cryptography)
Basic principles of Marxism
Basic Research on Microelectronics
Behavior Prediction and Game Theory
Big Data System and Software
Biological Information and Biomedical signal processing
Biomaterials, Bioresources and Drugs
Biomechanical and Bionic Design
Biomechanical and medical engineering
Blood system tumor
Body and Aerodynamics
Bridge and Tunnel Engineering
British and American literature
British Film Research
Broadband mobile communication
Broadband Wireless Communication Technology and system
Building energy-saving technology
Building intelligence
Building Technology Science
Capital market theory and investment management
Cardiovascular Epidemiology
Cardiovascular medicine
Cartography and Geographic Information Engineering
cerebral sursery
Chemical biology and biological analysis
chest surgery
Chinese and Chinese Culture International Communication Research
Chinese and foreign political thoughts
Chinese diplomatic thinking and practice
Chinese film research
Chinese International Education Theory and Practice
Chinese Philosophy (Ancient Thought Research, Modern Chinese Philosophy)
Civil and commercial law
Civil engineering Construction
Civil Engineering Information Technology
civil engineering materials
Classical Theory of Information Communication
Classics (Confucian Studies, Classical Poetics)
Clinical and basic study of macular diseases
Clinical Application and basis of New CT,MRI Technology
Clinical Laboratory - Master of Science in Clinical Medicine
clinical psychiatry
Cognition and Intelligent Information processing
Commercial bank management
communication networks
Communication signal processing
Comparative Literature and World Literature
Comparative Study of Chinese and Foreign Languages
computational fluid mechanics
Computational mathematics (numerical solution of differential equation, numerical approximation, numerical algebra, multi-scale model and calculation, molecular dynamics simulation)
computer application technology
Computer Network and distributed system
computer software
condensed matter physics
Constitutional Law and Administrative Law
Contemporary Art Criticism and Practice
Contemporary Chinese Literature, Cultural Theory and Cultural Criticism
Contemporary international political theory
Contemporary visual culture theory
Control theory and control engineering
Criminal Law
Cultural Philosophy (Cultural Theory and Cultural Criticism, Cultural History and Comparative Cultural Studies)
Cultural psychiatry
Deformation and failure Analysis of Engineering Materials and structures
Department of Orthopaedics, Ophthalmology and Epidemiology of Internal Medicine
Design and Operation Optimization of Urban Water Resources and Water Supply and Drainage Pipeline Network System
Design History & Theory
Detection technology and automation device
Digestive internal science
Digestive system tumor
Digital Audio Art
Diplomatic practice and foreign affairs management
Diplomatic theory
Direction of Biomass Energy Engineering
Direction of facility agriculture
Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Engineering and Protection Engineering
Disease and health management
Disposal and Utilization of Solid Waste
Distributed energy and gas efficient applications
Documentary Creation
Drug analysis
Earth Exploration and Information Technology
Economic Law
Ecotoxicology and Environmental Health Assessment
Educational technology (A. digital campus; B. mobile learning; C. virtual experiment; D. Internet of things interactive teaching technology)
Electric driving Control system of New Energy vehicle

electronic circuit and system
electronic science and technology
emergency medicine
Emerging Science and Technology and Publishing Research
Endocrine internal medicine
Energy and New Materials
Energy Saving and Emission Control of Vehicle Engine
Engineering thermophysics (high-efficiency clean combustion technology, indoor environmental control technology, heat exchange enhancement technology, industrial system energy-saving technology, distributed energy system excellent)
English-Chinese translation
Enterprise Information System and Engineering
Enterprise Management Information System and Enterprise Information Integration
Environmental and Resource Protection Law
Environmental Chemistry and Process Pollution Control
Environmental Engineering Geology and Geological Disaster Prevention and Control
Environmental Management and Sustainable Development
Environmental New Energy Science and Technology
Environmental Pollution Process and Ecological Restoration
Environmentally Friendly Functional Materials and Technologies
Equipped with intelligent measurement and control technology
Ethics (theoretical ethics, applied ethics)
EU and China-EU relations
Exercise-promoting physiology, psychology, and biomedical research
Experimental stress Analysis of Engineering Materials and structures
Fabrication of aircraft Composites and structures
facilities and agriculture engineering
Films and Television from the Perspective of Culture
financial management
Financial management and control
Financial policy and capital market
Financial policy and Macro economy
Financial theory and application
Fine Organic Synthesis and Green Chemistry
Football and science
Football and training
Football business and management
Football culture and media
Football injury and rehabilitation
Foreign Marxism Studies
Foreign Philosophy (German Philosophy, French Philosophy, Renaissance Studies)
Fuel Injection, Combustion and Alternative Fuels for Vehicle Engines
Gas sensor technology
Gas transmission and distribution technology
General Surgery
Genetics, Development and Diseases
Geodesy and survey engineering
Geological Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering
German-Chinese translation
Geotechnical reinforcement and testing technology
German Issues
Geriatric and child psychiatry
German Linguistics and Media
Sino-German Cross-cultural Communication
German Literature and Culture
German teaching method
Global governance theory and practice
Great Power Strategy and Foreign Policy
Groundwater engineering and environment
Gynecological minimally invasive
Gynecological tumor
Head and neck tumor
High definition camera and Video Analysis Technology
high voltage and insulation technology
Higher education (A. higher engineering education; B. higher education management and modern university governance; C. University research and development strategy; D. comparative higher education; E. quality)
Higher Education Management (Interdisciplinary Joint Training, Priority Recruitment of Recommended Exempted Graduates)
History and heritage protection of urban and rural development
Hong Kong and Taiwan Film Studies
Hospital management, health policy
Hot and humid exchange process in air conditioning technology
Human anatomy and histology and embryology
Human Engineering and Lean Production
HVAC and gas engineering
Hydraulic Structural Engineering
Hydrology and water resources
IC Design
Ideological and political education
image process and analysis
Indoor air quality control and pollutant control
Industrial economy and Institutional economics
Industrial economy and regional development
Industrial engineering
Information Architecture Design
Information management and information system
Inheritance and development
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management
Inorganic Nonmetallic Materials (Containing Metals, Inorganic Nonmetals)
Integrated Circuit Application and soc Design
Integrated Geophysics
integrated plant automation
Intellectual Property
Intelligent and information system chip
Intelligent automobile technology
Intelligent control
Intelligent Factory and Logistics Technology
Intelligent manufacturing
Intelligent transportation system engineering
Intelligent Vehicle Technology
Interaction design
Interfacial Chemistry and Energy Materials
Interior Design and Theory
international accounting
International business mode and organization
International financing and transnational investment
International law
International trade theory and policy
Introduction to Chinese Traditional Music
Introduction to Music Theory
Japanese culture
Japanese language
Japanese Literature
Korean and Japanese Films and Culture
Land Landscape Planning and Ecological Restoration
land resource management
Landscape and landscape design
Landscape Garden Engineering Technology and Garden Plant Application
Legal theory
Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Literature and art and literature creation
Local Government Governance and Public Policy Research
Logistics system Planning and Operation Management
Logistics systems and supply chain planning, scheduling, modeling, simulation, evaluation
Lung tumor
Machinery manufacturing and automation
Machining technology and equipment
Maglev Traffic Technology
Management and Marketing of Automobile Products
Manufacturing system and automation
Manufacturing system planning, scheduling, modeling, simulation, evaluation
Marine Biology (Geological Microbiology, Marine Molecular Ecology, Biogeochemistry, Marine Organic Geochemistry)
Marine Chemistry (Chemical Oceanography; Marine Geochemistry; Marine Biogeochemistry; Experimental Geochemistry)
Marine geology (paleooceanography; micropaleontology; marine sedimentology; continental margin basins and petroleum geology; rock minerals and gemology)
Marine Geophysics and Geodynamics
Marine Technology (Marine Information Technology, Marine Observation Technology)
Market Research and Marketing
marketing management
Marxism in China
Marxist history
Mechanical and electronic engineering
Mechanical behavior of advanced materials
Mechanical behavior of inhomogeneous materials and structures
Mechanical Design and Theory
Mechanical Design and Theory
Mechanical manufacturing and its automation
Mechanical Modeling and Multiscale Analysis of New Materials
Media Art and Culture
Media Integration and News Research
microelectronics and solid electronics
Micro-nano scale and multiphase fluid flow
Microwave Engineering and Antenna Design
military sursery
Mobile learning technology
Modeling, simulation and evaluation of equipment reliability and preventive maintenance
Modern Design Technology of Automotive Engine
Modern detection technology
Modern Environmental Analysis Theory and Technology
Modern Logistics and supply chain Management
molecular cytobiology
molecular epidemiology
Molecular mechanism of congenital heart disease
Molecular study of tumorigenesis and Metastasis
Motor and Electrical Appliances
motor control
Multimedia Communication and Information processing
multimedia technology
Nanochemistry and mesoscopic materials
Nanometer biomedicine
Navigation and Positioning services
Nerve rehabilitation
Network and distributed Computing
Network Communication Theory and Practice
Network Technology and its Application
Networked digital manufacturing
Neural and its Network Dynamics
Neural Network and Learning and memory
New Communication and Social Research
New Energy Power Systems (Hydrogen, Fuel Cells and Hybrid Power Systems)
Nonlinear dynamic modeling, analysis and control
Nutrition and Metabolic Epidemiology
Occupational and environmental hygiene
Operation and Management of Rail Transit System
Operational Research and cybernetics (Linear and nonlinear Optimization, nonlinear Control Theory and Application, complex system Theory and Application, Optimization method)
Optical fiber communication and sensing technology and system
Optical fiber communication and sensing technology and system
Optical medical beauty
Optoelectronic functional Molecular Materials and Devices
Organization and human resource management
Organization and human resources management
Orthopedic rehabilitation
overall design of aircraft
Pathogenesis and clinical diagnosis and treatment of aplastic anemia
Pathogenesis and drug intervention of ocular surface diseases
pathogeny biology
pathogeny biology
Pathology and pathophysiology
Pathology and pathophysiology
Pattern recognition and Intelligent system
Pelvic floor surgery and gynecological urology
Perception and embedded system
perinatal medicine
Perioperative organ protection
Philosophical Psychology (Existential Philosophy and Psychoanalysis, Cultural Psychology and Psychosomatic Cultivation)
Philosophy of Science and Technology (Analytical Philosophy, Technical Philosophy)
Photocatalysis and Environmental Chemistry
Photogrammetry and remote sensing
Physical Oceanography (Marine Multiscale Processes, Sedimentary Dynamics)
Political Philosophy (European Marxism, Contemporary Political Philosophy)
political sociology
Political theory research
Polymer materials (including composite materials)
Polymer materials (including composite materials)
Polymer Materials and Applied Chemistry
Port, Coastal and Offshore Engineering
Port, Coastal and Offshore Engineering
Postoperative cognitive impairment
Post-war major power relations in the Asia-Pacific region
Power Electronics and Power Drive
Power system and its Automation
Principles of visual communication design
Probability theory and mathematical statistics (applied statistics, statistical theories and methods)
Protection of acute lung injury
Protection of Architectural Heritage and Theory
protein science
Psychosomatic medicine, psychotherapy and general hospital mental health
Public health and management
Quality management and control
Radio Wave Propagation and Wireless Communication
Rail Transit Control and Safety
Rail Transit Design, Operation Management and Multimodal Transport
Rail Transit signal and Communication Technology
Rail Vehicle Safety and Detection Technology
Reflective seismology
Refrigeration and low temperature engineering (commercial air conditioning refrigeration technology, vehicle air conditioning refrigeration technology, cryogenic chiller and gas energy utilization technology, refrigeration chain and related technologies)
Refrigeration and low temperature technology
Regional and urban space development
Regional and Watershed Water Environment Management
Regional politics and international relations
Rehabilitation of contaminated sites
Reliability of product research and development methods and technical systems
Religion (European Christian Philosophy, Chinese Christian Culture Studies)
Renal science
reproductive endocrinology
reproductive immunology
Research on Advertising Creativity and Innovation
Research on Art and Culture Industry
Research on China's Political System and Government System
Research on the Basic Issues of Modern and Contemporary Chinese History
Research on the basis of Mental Disorder and Transforming Medicine
Research on Visual Culture and Communication
Reservoir Geophysics
Respiratory internal science
Rheumatoid immune disease
Risk management and insurance
Road and airport engineering
Road safety and environmental engineering
Rock Engineering Geology
Rolling stock design and integration technology
Screenwriters for international audiences
Sepsis and immunosuppression
Service industry international service trade
Signal theory and information processing
Simulation and multimedia processing
Skin infection and immunity
Social Development and Management
Software and Artificial Intelligence
Software and Digital Media Technology
Software and information services
Software and Network Communication
Software Engineering Theory and Method
Soil engineering geology
Soil Pollution Rehabilitation and Risk Assessment
Space physics
Sports biomechanics
Sports industry and public services
Sports Policy and Regulations and Sports Essence
Sports training theory and method
Standardized prevention and treatment of stroke
Stem cells and epigenetics
Stem cells and Regenerative Medicine Engineering
strategic management
Structural damage detection and health assessment
Structural engineering
Structural preparation and characterization of advanced materials
Structural wind engineering
Study on pain treatment and its Mechanism
Study on the Mechanism of Cancer pain
Sustainable Development and Public Policy
Sustainable development of regional economy
system engineering
Tax policy and management
The Theory and System of Broadband Wireless Communication
The Theory of Landscape Landscape History and Heritage Protection
theoretical linguistics
theoretical physics
Theoretical Research on Contemporary International Relations
Theory and method of physical education training
Theory and technology of building water supply and drainage and fire fighting
Theory and Technology of Rail Transit signal and Communication
Theory and Technology of Sewage and Wastewater Treatment
Theory and Technology of Water Supply Treatment
Theory of financial engineering, method, and application
Thermal application technology
Thermal engineering (combustion theory and pollution control, new and renewable energy utilization technology, energy system optimization and control, waste heat energy utilization and emission reduction technology)
Tongji EMBA Project (General Class)
Tongji Integrated MBA Project
Tongji International MBA Project
Tongji-Manchester Double-degree MBA program
Tongji-Case Western Reserve MBA/Master of Finance Dual Degree Program
Tongji-Mannheim Double Degree EMBA Project
Tongji-Minnesota (Medical Technology and Management) Double Degree MBA Program
Track structure and vibration noise
Traffic data analysis
Traffic planning, design and management
Train traction and control technology
Trauma epidemiological
Tumor and infection immunity
tumor of breast
tumors of urinary system
Tunneland and underground construction works
ultrasonic diagnosis
Unsaturated soil and road-based engineering geology
Urban & regional economic planning
Urban and rural community development and housing construction
Urban and rural living environment Sustainable development
Urban and rural planning methods and techniques
Urban and Rural Planning Theory and Planning Management
Urban and rural transport and infrastructure
Urban Design and Theory
Urban development control and urban design
Urban economy and management
Urban Engineering Geology and Engineering Geological Environmental Effects
Urban Non-point Source Pollution Control and Rainwater Comprehensive Management
Urban track and railway engineering
Urbanization and industrial economy
urinary surgery
Vaccine and antibody engineering
vascular surgery
Vehicle Design and Integration Technology
Vehicle Design and Integration Technology
Vehicle Design and Integration Technology
Vehicle Electronics Technology
Vehicle test technology
Vibration suppression, Utilization and system Parameter Identificationd
Visual optics
Vocational and technical education (A. teacher education; B. curriculum and teaching; C. comparative vocational education)
Water Pollution Control and Resource Utilization
Wireless Communication and Information processing in vehicle Network
Wireless Communication and Information processing in vehicle Network