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Preparation for Application


1. Applicants are non-Chinese citizen and in good physical and mental health.

2. Applicants for a Master’s program should hold a Bachelor’s degree.

Note: Since 2010, those who have emigrated to other countries from China’s Mainland, Hong Kong SAR, MacaoSAR or Taiwan and wish to apply for Tongji University as an international student should meet the following additional requirements:

1) The applicant must hold avalid passport or any other relevant internationally recognized document for at least 4 years;

2) During the last 4 years (by April 30 of each year for university registration), the applicant must have lived overseas for at least 2 years (Living overseas for 9 months can be converted to 1 year, which is endorsed by the exit-entry stamp on visa).

Time of Application:

Master's program: 4th March - 10th June, 2019

Deadline of applications for scholarships: 10th April, 2019

Application Materials:

1. Completed Application Form for International Students of Tongji University.

2. A photocopy of passport (personal information page).

3. A photocopy of both the graduation certificate and the degree certificate. If the certificates are not in Chinese or English,a true copy of notarized translations must be submitted.

* The certificates should benotarized bythelocal embassyor consulate of China (oryourforeign embassy or consulate in China).

Certificate of expected graduation issued by thecurrent academic institution (for applicants who will be graduating in the same year of application).

Degree certificate/s should benotarized. Notarized documents must be submitted upon registration.

4.Original notarized academic transcripts. If the academic transcripts are not in Chinese or English, the true copy of notarized translations must be submitted.

*The transcript should benotarized by the local embassy or consulate of China (or foreign embassies or consulates in China).

5. A copy of New HSKcertificate:

Ø Applicants for programs of Science and Engineering: HSK Level IV, min.180 overall is required;

Ø Applicants for programs of Architecture,Management, Economics and Medicine: HSK Level IV, min.200 overall is required.

Ø Applicants for programs of LiberalArts and FineArts:New HSKLevel V, min.180 overall is required.

6. Original recommendation letters from two(associate) professors (contact information isrequired).

7. Personal statement. Around 1,000 words for Master’s candidates, around 1,500 words for doctoral candidates, in Chinese for Chinese-taught programs or English for English-taught programs. Such information as study and work experience, academic research achievements, research proposal andfuture plan after graduation should be included.

8. List of published papers including abstracts and other proofs of academic competence.

9. Letter of Approval from a professor of Tongji University, if applicable.

*In addition to the above application materials, the University may require the applicant to provide supplementary materials, as appropriate.Please note that the application materials will NOT be returned.