Scientific Research

In light of the general target of the university’s discipline development, the scientific researches are progressing quickly. Remarkable improvements have been made to the overall conditions of research and the university’s research ability is much strengthened. In 2011 the university’s total fund for research is 1.89 billion CNY. (from 1,17 Billion 2007 to 1,89 Billion 2011, see Fig.2) The university housed 29 provincial and ministerial research bases, among which six are of national level. The University has acquired a batch of national special key research projects, important research programs and national key construction projects, and yielded many remarkable achievements including the master design for Expo 2010, the deep sea drilling, the development of fuel cell car, the finding of genes causing atrial fibrillation, the key technology for building long-span bridge, and the large-scale biological processing of source water.
Fig.2 Research funding growth
Sustainability-oriented research
Tongji University carries out a lot of sustainability-oriented research work, focusing on inter- & multi- disciplinary study and research, transition from basic to applied research to provide the solution, and social & economic development at regional, national, and international levels.(see Fig.3)

Fig.3 Research highlights
Currently, Chongming Island, located in the northeast of Shanghai, with its unique geographical advantage and superior ecological environment, attracts more and more attention. With the ongoing project “Research on Carbon Sinks Protection and Improvement in Chongming Eco-island” supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China and project” Research on Carbon Sources and Carbon Sinks in Chongming Eco-island supported by Shanghai municipal government , we aim to provide the decision-making support for the Eco-island construction, and effective experience and technical method for the local sustainable development.