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1)Yuan Ink Painting Workshop

Please join us at Yuan Chinese Art Workshop where artist Zhang will teach us about Chinese art, Chinese philosophy, and the techniques of traditional Chinese painting. Mr. Zhang is a marvelous artist and is good at teaching. You will watch him painting and hear his explanation of the fundamentals of Chinese ink painting. You will then create your own painting on rice paper with his help.

Date:NOW -- Thursday December 19, 2019

Time:10am to 12pm (Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursday)

Address: 14/F Block E, JingHong Building, 508 Yishan Rd.

Transportation:Exit 3, Yishan Road Station, Metro lines 3, 4, or 9

2) Christmas in Shanghai 2019 (Markets, Meals, Bars, Churches)

Over the years, Christmas has become popular in China,especially in large cities like Shanghai,though it is not a public holiday here. This western celebration has been embraced by local Shanghainese, young people in particular, in such an enthusiastic manner that the number of markets that pop up around Christmas time has risen significantly year by year.For most people, they celebrate Christmas without much religious attachment, but use this time to enjoy the city's Christmas markets and the Christmas deals at restaurants and shopping malls. Go with your friends for Christmas fun!

Date:Dec. 25, every year

Venue:Please click here to find a place you like foryour Christmas fun


3) Chinese New Year & the Bell Strikes

This is a traditional activity to celebrate the Chinese New Year. At midnight on December 31 each year, many locals and international visitors gather at the ancient Longhua Temple, waiting for the temple bell to strike 108 times to welcome the New Year. The bell striking ceremony at the Temple is considered sacred, for people believe that strikes will dispel unhappiness and bring good luck to the participants for the coming year. Visitors can savor New Year Noodles at the temple, join in the entertainment and dancing at the temple square or watch the fireworks display. Check out Longhua and Jing'An temples as well as Yuyuan Garden, and celebrate the biggest festival in Shanghai!

Date:24:00,Dec. 31 / 00:00 Jan. 1, every year

Venue:Inside Longhua Temple

Address:No. 2853 Longhua Road, Xuhui District

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