Academics & Research
FAN Lichu was born in Zhenhai, Zhejiang Province in 1933. He graduated from the Road and Bridge Department, Tongji University in July 1955. While being a professor at School of Civil Engineering, Tongji University, Professor FAN acts as the standing director of the State Key Laboratory for Disaster Reduction in Civil Engineering, Tongji University and has won the title of State Outstanding Expert. He is Chairman of IABSE (International Association for Bridges and Structural Engineering), Chinese Group; an alternant member of the standing committee of IABSE; a member of the International Steering Committee of EASEC (East-Asia-Pacific Association for Structural Engineering and Construction), a member of the Executive Committee of EASEC, a standing member of CCES (China Civil Engineering Society) and President of Bridge and Structural Engineering Association of CCES. He was elected a Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering in 2001.

Professor Fan has been engaged in teaching and research for over forty years and has made outstanding achievements in the theory of bridge structure design and in seismic design of bridges. He has compiled and written over ten books. Since 1990, he has published about one hundred and fifty papers and has supervised over forty post-doctoral, doctoral, and master students. He established a research center for seismic design of bridges in the State Key Laboratory for Disaster Reduction in Civil Engineering and has formed a stable research team with high academic caliber. He creatively put forward Three-Fortified Levels of Design Earthquake and Corresponding Three Stages of Seismic Design and took the lead in the systematic study of theory and method of long-span seismic design of bridges. He directed the programming of large-scale applied software which has been applied in more than twenty significant bridge projects in China. He compiled two books of Guidance on Seismic design and was the editor-in-chief of China Code for Seismic Design of Urban Bridges. He participated in key state research projects for the National Seventh Five-Year Plan Projects, Eighth Five-Year Plan Projects and Ninth Five-Year Plan Projects. He won over ten important prizes, including Mao Yisheng Great Awards (Individual Achievements Award), National Science and Technology Advancement Awards, Science and Technology Advancement Awards at provincial at ministerial levels and a prize of Excellent Textbooks for Higher Education. He is an acknowledged pioneering researcher and a leading figure in the filed of seismic design of bridges in China.

Professor Fan has conducted international academic cooperation with America, Canada, Germany, Hongkong and other countries and regions. The US National Earthquake Engineering Research Centre has invited Professor FAN to establish an academic organization to organize seminars annually on seismic design for special bridges. Due to his remarkable achievements in the field of seismic design of bridges, he has won a high reputation internationally.