Academics & Research
Zhou Xingming, a computer expert, was born in Shanghai and his family was originally from Yuyao, Zhejiang province. He graduated from Institute of Military Engineering in major of Electronic Computer in 1961, and later became professor of School of Computer and National Laboratory for Parallel and Distributed Processing, National University of Defense Technology. From the early 60’s to the late 70’s, he successively participated in the development of transistor computers, integrated circuit computers and millions of subprime mainframe computers, taking responsible for the overall research scheme, the system logical design, circuit design and development, the system debugging and so on, making innovative achievements in the research of germanium transistor circuit high temperature resistance stability, anti-interference of TTL signal transmission and fast division algorithm, etc. From the late 70’s to1992, he worked as the director successively developed China's first supercomputer Galaxy I, China's first digital real-time simulation computer Imitation of Galaxy I, China's first science/engineering calculation parallel supercomputer Galaxy II, leading the whole development process, making innovative achievements in the overall scheme, the structure of the CPU, RAS technical scheme and system interface agreement, etc. by overcoming a variety of technical difficulties. His recent research area includes the high performance computing, mobile computing and the microprocessor architecture.
He was appointed as dean of School of Software Engineering, Tongji University in May, 2002.
In 1993, he was elected as member of Chinese Academy of Sciences.