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‘Tongji Institute of Innovation and Development for Construction Industry’ Inaugurated at Tongji

By:News Center, School of Economics and Management  Published:03/23/2018 
On Mar. 16th, the Tongji Institute of Innovation and Development for Construction Industry was inaugurated at Tongji University. Against the backdrop of the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry and integrating multidisciplinary resources, such as Civil Engineering, Architecture, Economics, Management, and Computer Science of Tongji University, the Institute is jointly sponsored by some related government departments, construction industry, enterprises, associations and research institutions. It is set to carry out theoretical research, academic exchanges, industry cooperation, and personnel training for management and innovation in the construction industry.

DING Shizhao, founder of the Institute of Engineering Management of Tongji University and also the director of the Institute, said the Institute consists of five research centers, namely the Research Center for Construction Industry Policy, the Research Center for the Modernization of Construction Industry, the Research Center for Digital Technologies of Construction Industry, the Research Center for Management and Innovation of Construction Enterprises, and the Research Center for Smart Construction. It is designed to focus on areas such as the strategy and policy for the innovation and development of construction industry, the management innovation for construction enterprises and projects, and the smart and environmentally friendly construction technologies. Moreover, it will further deepen its cooperation with related government departments, industries, and enterprises over such areas as project selection, research and development, and application of research results by running an open and collaborative research institute mechanism. Serving as a platform for research on innovation and development of the construction industry, this institute will provide sparkling management ideas, methods and tools for the transformation and upgrading of China’s construction industry, and contribute to the China's construction industry remaining among the top players around the world as a whole.