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Salon entitled "Return to zero-circular economy in our life" is held in Tongji Universtiy

By:Sustainable Development and New-type Urbanization Think Tank   Published:04/27/2017 
Tongji University Sustainable Development and New-type Urbanization Think Tank together with Business Ecosystem held a salon entitled "Return to zero-circular economy in our life" in the Sino-French Center of Tongji University on April 20th.

Extended producer responsibility system and household garbage classification implementation system were further discussed in the salon. WANG Tao of Circular Economy Research Institute said a systematic solution was required for cities besieged by waste - a fundamental shift in the way of production and way of life. SUN Haiyan, editor-in-chief of Business Ecosystem, said that achieving circular economy needs systematic solutions, public participation and promotion of ERP (extended producer responsibility). CHANG Tao, CEO of Beijing Incom Resources Recovery Recycling Co., Ltd., pointed out that the key to resolving the problem of recycling is to make raw materials into a safe channel. After discussion, the participants reached a consensus, thinking that the bottleneck of fixing the problem of circular economy in the long run is to establish and maintain a long-term mechanism, which is a systematic problem and needs cooperation in an all-round way, rather than solve the problem of a single link.