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Faculty Campus Fitness Activity Held at Siping Campus

By:Labor Union, Working Committee for Women   Published:06/05/2017 
On June 1st, the Faculty Campus Fitness Activity, joined by more than 200 faculty members from all faculties and departments, was held at the Siping Campus, Tongji University.
During the activity, teachers were chasing each other along the “campus landscape avenue”, a newly established innerring road in the school, experiencing the tranquility and the charm of the campus roads without motor vehicles.

In recent years, our school has vigorously advanced the faculty health promotion campaign by leveraging communities of all kinds to build a physical exercise platform for faculty members. The “Jianbuzou” Association, the biggest faculty sports club, has attracted nearly 600 members and has set up the mechanism for two-level management by university and colleges, coupled with a series of regular activities.
The “campus landscape avenue” inaugurated this year with a total length of 2.2 km, has offset temporal and spatial constraints of the sports field atthe Siping Campus by separating pedestrians from vehicles, and thus ensuring the safety of participants in the fitness activity.