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Special volunteer services themed “rainbow classroom” is held at Jiading campus of Tongji University

By:University League Committee   Published:05/18/2017 
Recently, special volunteer services themed “rainbow classroom” of Jiading campus, Tongji University was held in the experimental primary and secondary school attached to Tongji University. This event aimed to celebrate the 110th anniversary of Tongji with gifts consisting of the building up a platform for services and communication, passing on Tongji culture and driving forward elementary education. Sixty students offered services as volunteers and a total of 330 pupils in Grade 1 and Grade 6 took part in the event.
Considering the hobbies and interests of the pupils, four featured classes were introduced, including a small theater for civilized etiquette, a sign language class named with grateful hearts, freehand Tongji and a fun laboratory to help pupils develop their own interests by way of expression, painting and science.

The experimental primary and secondary school attached to Tongji University devised a wall painting for freehand Tongji, the background of which consisted of Tongji landmarks such as the library, the auditorium, the comprehensive building and the Guoli pillar (the stone pillar in front of the library). Additionally, there are pupils playing on the grass, hand in hand. The wall painting was a collaborative effort by the volunteers of Tongji and students and faculties of the experimental primary and secondary school, indicating the inheritance of Tongji culture.