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500 Mobikes Appear on Campus


On 9th September 2016, Tongji University and Mobike jointly issued an official launch of 500 mobikes on Tongji campus following an 8-day trial operation at Tongji. Tongji University has since become the first university in Shanghai where mobikes are available to its students and teachers.


Just download a Mobike app on your phone to start with. Complete your registration and you will see mobike icons showing mobikes available nearby. Go and find a mobike around you and scan the QR code on it to unlock the mobike. You may start your ride now. Upon reaching your destination, lock the bike by closing a red lock loop, which will mark the return of your mobike and bring the fee-charging process to an end.



The mobikes have attracted an increasing number of students and teachers for test rides soon after the mobikes appeared on campus not only because of their stylish design of black body with orange wheels, but also due to their other advantages such as explosion-proof and pump-free tires.
Twenty-four mobike parks are recommended for students and teachers to stop their mobikes on Siping Campus, South Campus, East Campus, Zhangwu Campus and Jiading Campus. You may ride the mobike from the campus to anywhere outside the campus and vice versa. The students and teachers of Tongji University are entitled to pay as little as 0.1 yuan per 10 minutes both on and outside the campus.


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