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Farewell Ceremony and Zero Day Music Festival

On the evening of 2nd June 2016, a Farewell Ceremony along with a Zero Day Music Festival sponsored by the Student Union of Tongji University was held in Jiren Building of the Jiading Campus, with the participation of teachers from Administrative Committee Office, International Student Office and Youth League Committee, over 150 international students and students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and other Tongji faculty and students.

The Farewell Ceremony, sponsored by the Student Union of Tongji University under the guidance of Youth League Committee and International Student Office, is a major event on the Jiading Campus and has been held for three consecutive years. The Ceremony is aimed at providing an occasion for soon-to-be graduates who come from different countries, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan to say goodbye to their classmates, friends and above all, Tongji University, thus to put an end to their campus life at Tongji University in a special way. Meanwhile, the Ceremony aims to offer a platform for both Chinese and international students to show their different styles of study and life, in the hope of promoting cultural exchanges between them.

The themed event of Zero Day Music Festival, featured a red carpet show, the Ceremony and a farewell exhibition. The Ceremony showcased four episodes of Sunrise of Peaceful Summer, Midday of Turbulent Summer, Sunset of Warm Summer and Midnight of Wild Summer, and the exhibition made up of three stands displayed three parts of Depicting Tongji, Building Tongji and Cherishing Tongji. It is hoped that the zero-day life at Tongji University will be engraved on the minds of both Chinese and international students no matter where they are in the future.


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