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Shanghai’s First Campus Food Stall Opens at Tongji University


On the evening of 15th April, 2016, the first campus food stall in Shagnhai was opened on Siping campus, Tongji University to students who had been waiting for this moment for a long time. This was an innovative and daring attempt by the university’s Catering Center of the Logistics Group which aimed at breaking the traditional model of food service.



The food from the campus food stall is cleaner and safer than street food stalls. What is more, it provides a place for teachers and students to gather together for relaxation. The food stall offers a large variety of food and drinks, including cold dishes, pot-stewed fowls, roast fish, tingling spicy hot pots and barbecue. You can enjoy delicious food and share wonderful time with your friends while tasting the spicy chicken legs, duck’s wings, roast fish and hot and spicy crayfish. On the first day, students stood in a long queue for the delicious food before the stall was open. Both outdoor barbeque and indoor fried dishes were popular among students and the barbeque food and crayfish sold out in a short time.


The campus food stall is designed to meet the needs of teachers and students for green and healthy food. Student canteens at Chinese universities and colleges are making efforts offer food of local flavor to students and teachers. Against this background, the university’s Catering Center created the food stall on campus, which was the first of its kind in Shanghai, which aims to provide better food service for teachers and students at Tongji University which is known for its delicious food among universities in Shanghai.


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