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Tongji Students Get Excellent Results in the Seventh “Shangtu Cup”

By:School of Mechanical Engineering  Published:07/24/2017 

“Shangtu Cup” of advanced mapping technology and innovation design competition organized by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission was held on May 28 and the awards ceremony took place on June 24. Around 1050 people from more than 20 universities and enterprises, including Shanghai Aerospace Precision Instruments Institution, attended the competition. About 52 students of School of Mechanical Engineering of Tongji University participated in the competition, winning four items of First award and eight items of Second award under the Group Category, as well as nine participants of First award and four participants of Second award under the Individual Category, and three participants of Excellent Guide Teacher Award.


The competition had two modules - competition of advanced mapping technology and competition of innovation design. The innovation design competition was themed as “explore the outer limit, explore the universe.” which required three-dimensional design and expression for space-related machines and devices with detailed technical instructions. Six works of Tongji University entered the semi-finals, wherein three of them won First award and another three won Second award under the Group Category.