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Institute for AI of Tongji University Inaugurated

By:Research Management Department  Published:05/08/2017 
The Institute for AI in Tongji University was inaugurated on May 7th, the same day the AI technology development strategy summit was held.
Now it is the golden era of artificial intelligence. Human beings are faced with the fact that machine intelligence exceeds that of humans in many ways, which is why mankind creates the “machine brains”to help solve many problems, or even the “machine super-brains”to make better decisions.

Tongji University has carried out research regarding many disciplines, such as computer, automation, transportation, automobile, architecture, machinery, and civil engineering, etc. The Institute for AI is thus established against the backdrop, of which the aim is to develop the related disciplines, and to promote the application of interdisciplinary intellectual technology with the strong support of related schools.

In the summit held later, many academicians and experts in the field of AI shared their incisive and penetrating views, giving directions to the university’s AI research.