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Tongji science and innovation works display for college students kicks off

By:Youth League Committee, Tongji University   Published:05/06/2017 
On May 4th, 2017, “Sailing on the ocean of science” Tongji science and innovation worksdisplay for college students was held at the grand hall of Zonghe building in Siping campus.
Since 2003, the science and technology festival for college students& the May science and technology display has been annually held at Tongji University for 14 consecutive years, encouraging students in Tongji to show their talents, become enlightened, innovate and pursue their dreams. The display this year selected 49 excellent works of science and technology by young students, involving the most specialized outcomes over the past two years. Among the works many have obtained national patents and rewards. The display is divided into six sub-areas including mechanical control, energy and chemical industry, mathematical information, bioscience, philosophy and social science, and excellent student works. In the display there were TJU racing team new generation TR-16 chariot, professional college-student formula contending car, domestic aircraft C919 model and other objects. A variety of ways such as running commentary and interactions were provided, enabling students to have an in-depth understanding of the power and charm of science.