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Performance of “May Fourth” Youth Day Organized by Student Art Troupe

By:University Communist Youth League, Art Center   Published:05/16/2018 
In commemoration of the 99th anniversary of the “May Fourth” Movement, a patriotic and anti-imperialist movement, a performance Youth Memory Album on the theme of “May Fourth” Youth Day organized and directed by the Student Art Troupe was held on May 4, 2018, in the Music Square of Tongji University.

The performance opened with an imposing and magnificent mixed-male chorus of The River All Red, brought by the Student Choir. Later, a zither (Chinese harp) duet, Red Sun on Jinggang Mountain by the Student Folk Orchestra, along with a mixed chorus, I Live Upstream the Yangtze River by the Student Choir, were put on stage depicting vividly a picture of the arduous revolutionary process of the country and how Chinese people worked with unremitting willpower to build the New China. The Student Dance Troupe then brought a group dance, Cai Wei (Homecoming After the War), which was followed by a student new folk music show, The Fetter of Puppet. As recited by the hosts, “The heart of patriotism will never die, and the spirit of the May Fourth remains immortal,” their superb recitation was another eye-catching stroke in this performance. And finally, the Student Dance Troupe presented the audience with the Frontier Sketch with the folk music accompaniment, where performers in costumes of all ethnic groups danced cheerfully and expressed their blessings for the long-lasting prosperity of their motherland.