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Opera Sister Jiang Performed by Tongji Students Staged on Campus

By:University League Committee  Published:10/30/2017 

On Oct. 23rd and 24th, following the successful opening of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the opera Sister Jiang with an all-student cast was performed at the University auditorium on the Siping Campus.


Sister Jiang, a classic seven-act opera featuring the Chinese Communist Revolution, is based on the novel theRed Crag. Mr. YANG Yiyan, one of the two authors of Red Crag, is an alumnus of the Class of 1944 from the Department of Electrical Engineering, Tongji University. In this famous, ‘classicred’ novel, Mr. YANG and co-author, Mr. LUO Gaungbin, created the glorious image of Sister Jiang together with many other CPC members with aesthetic pleasure, promoting the ‘Red Crag Spirit’.


On the evening of Oct. 23rd, the seven interlinking acts of the opera came one right after the other. The students` soulful singing, their professional performance, and the detailed theatrical setting contributed to the highly positive portrayal of the devoted, tenacious CPC members. Strongly touched by the emotional atmosphere on stage, the high-spirited audience burst into waves of endless applause. At the end of the opera, when the individual performers were making the curtain calls, the audience invariably gave their standing ovations and waved their flags in hand to the cast and the crew.